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Thrivous Develops Omega Cardioprotector Formula 2

20 May 2021
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Thrivous Omega Cardioprotector

Orem UT – Thrivous, the human enhancement company, has released Omega Cardioprotector Formula 2. Omega is an advanced geroprotector supplement that Thrivous develops to enhance heart function and circulation for better aging.

Omega formula 2 combines geroprotector nutrients with the highest levels of evidence and the greatest magnitudes of effect, based on available science. Nutrients include the following:

  • Omega 3 Lysine Complex
  • French Maritime Pine Bark Extract
  • Garlic Bulb Extract
  • Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract
  • Olive Leaf Extract

Omega 3 Lysine Complex

Each serving of Omega formula 2 provides a clinical dose of Omega 3 with a high ratio of EPA in a Lysine Complex. Emerging scientific evidence suggests that a high ratio of EPA may be superior to other forms of Omega 3 for supporting and enhancing heart function. And a human study demonstrates that the EPA in Omega 3 Lysine Complex is five times more bioavailable than the EPA in traditional fish oil soft gels.

Thrivous Omega formula 2 provides the AvailOm® brand of Omega 3 Lysine Complex. This is the material that scientists used in the human study that demonstrated superior bioavailability. In addition, the material has longer effective shelf life. And the material has no fishy smell or taste.

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Each serving of Omega formula 2 provides a clinical dose French Maritime Pine Bark Extract. French Maritime Pine Bark is among the most well-studied dietary supplements. It has particularly strong evidence for enhancing circulation.

Thrivous Omega formula 2 provides the Oligopin® brand of French Maritime Pine Bark Extract. Scientists used this material in a recent placebo-controlled human study that demonstrated support for cardiovascular health. A recent comparative study also demonstrated that the Oligopin extract has a better safety profile than alternative extracts of French Maritime Pine Bark.

Additional Nutrients for the Heart and Circulation

Each serving of Omega formula 2 provides clinical doses of Garlic Bulb Extract and Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract. The Garlic Bulb Extract is standardized to 1% allicin to support healthy cholesterol. And the Centella Asiatica Extract is standardized to 80% triterpene to enhance circulation. Multiple controlled human studies have demonstrated the efficacy of these extracts.

In addition, each serving of Omega formula 2 provides a low dose of Olive Leaf Extract standardized to 20% oleuropein. Higher doses generally provide greater cardiovascular benefit. However, studies indicate that benefits already begin at low doses. And the formula permitted inclusion of a low dose in each serving without increasing capsule size or count.

Exceptional Science and Quality

"I'm proud of the new Omega formula," said Lincoln Cannon, CEO at Thrivous. "It provides high quality nutrients at the leading edge of nutritional science. And the price per dose is truly exceptional. It's not the cheapest. But it's by far the most cost-effective option on the market anywhere in the world, to the best of my knowledge."

Geroprotectors are longevity technology. They support healthy aging and promote life extension. In pursuit of its mission, Thrivous develops advanced geroprotector supplements with science-backed doses of the most effective nutrients, open-source formulas, and rigorous quality control. Omega is one of several geroprotectors that Thrivous develops.

Thrivous develops its formulas based on the best scientific evidence from multiple human studies – the gold standard of health science. In consultation with their advisor board of physicians and scientists, they perform extensive analysis of decades of clinical research from scientists around the world. Their algorithms rank hundreds of nutrients by parameters that include evidence, safety, and efficacy. They develop formulas around only the best nutrients and doses. And they publish summaries of clinical studies to help customers make the best decision.

Thrivous supplements pass through three rounds of rigorous quality control. Suppliers test each nutrient for identity, potency, and safety from harmful microbes and heavy metals. Third-party labs test each nutrient again to double-check quality and safety before manufacturing. Manufacturing follows strict GMP regulation from the FDA at audited and certified facilities in the United States, and tests the combined nutrients yet again to triple-check safety. Finally, they publish all of these test results and quality certifications to help customers make the best decision.

Product Resources

Omega Cardioprotector is open source. Thrivous makes all scientific and quality information available at the following locations:

About Thrivous

Thrivous is the human enhancement company. Its mission is to help people access technology with the greatest potential to improve their brains and bodies. Thrivous develops nootropics to enhance cognition and geroprotectors to combat aging. Each nutrient and each dose is based on multiple human studies. And its rigorous quality control is completely open source. For more information, contact

About AvailOm®

AvailOm® is an Omega 3 Lysine Complex that is five times more bioavailable than traditional liquid softgels. AvailOm® is a registered trademark of Evonik Degussa GmbH LLC. Use of this product may be protected by one or more U.S. patents and other international patents.

About Oligopin®

Oligopin® is the most purified extract of French Maritime Pine Bark on the market. Oligopin® is a registered trademark of Les Derives Resiniques et Terpeniques (DRT). Use of this product may be protected by one or more U.S. patents and other international patents.

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