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Thrivous is the human enhancement company. Our mission is to help you access technology with the greatest potential to improve your brain and body. In pursuit of that mission, we develop and distribute the best nootropic and geroprotector supplements in the world.

Nootropics are cognitive technology that support healthy brain function or enhance mental ability. And geroprotectors are longevity technology that support healthy aging or promote healthy life extension. Natural examples include herbs like Rhodiola Rosea extract, amino acids like L Theanine, and vitamins like high-dose bioavailable B Complex (not just cheap Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12).

Of course, you’d expect us to say that our products are the best. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. In fact, we hope that superior science, rigorous quality, and value prices will be the primary reasons that you buy them.

Multiple clinical studies back each ingredient and each dose. We test each ingredient multiple times, both alone and together, and publish all quality documents on our website. And our products have the highest ratios of evidence and dose over price on the market.

But we know that reviews also make a difference. So each product webpage shares reviews. And we’ve gathered a selection of reviews here, to give you a general sense of what others think about Thrivous, our products, and our business.

What do they think? As you can see below, customers love Thrivous. Reviewers love Thrivous. And Thrivous has endorsements from some of the largest user groups in the world.

Please keep in mind that Thrivous publishes reviews for information purposes only. They reflect others’ opinions. And those opinions may or may not reflect the opinions of Thrivous.

We do verify that each review comes from a real customer. But we don’t verify or endorse any claims in reviews. When using Thrivous products, individual results may vary.

We recommend our products and services to healthy adults. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. And we encourage you to consult a physician before and during use.

With that in mind, read on to discover why others agree. Thrivous develops the best nootropic and geroprotector supplements in the world.

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Thrivous Endorsements from Third-Parties

"Where should I buy nootropics? Are there safe and trusted sources? We have a list of 'trusted vendors' based on the past experience of the community members." — Facebook Nootropics Group (more than 24,000 members)

"Thrivous seems to be a reliable supplier. Thrivous has documentation showing they've adequately tested their products and they seem to be doing their due diligence to make sure their products are safe and accurately represented." — Reddit Nootropics Group (more than 231,000 members)

Thrivous Reviews from Third-Parties

Two Thumbs Up

“Thrivous Clarity is a solid nootropic stack for mental performance and overall brain health, driven by high-dosage Bacopa [Monnieri] + Rhodiola [Rosea] plus a B-vitamin complex featuring some impressively advanced forms.” — Best 5 Supplements (up to 37K monthly visitors), “Thrivous Clarity Review – Potent Adaptogens and B-Vitamins” (review of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“It’s safe to believe that the combination of dosages and prices that Thrivous provides makes their products by far one of the greatest overall values on the market anywhere in the world.” — Corpina (up to 83K monthly visitors), “Thrivous Nootropics Review: Evidence-Based Qualia Alternatives” (review of Nootropic Stack)

"Thrivous devotes a great deal of effort and dedication to research, production, and distribution of Nootropic products with the highest efficacy." — Coupon Upto (up to 23K monthly visitors), "Thrivous Nootropic Stack Review" (review of Nootropic Stack)

"Thrivous does a very good job of proving its claims. Their product contains components that are backed by science, many of which have also been used successfully since ancient times in reducing inflammation and improving joint and bone health." — Fitness Clone (up to 168K monthly visitors), "Thrivous Tenacity Review – How Does This Arthroprotector Measure Up?" (review of Tenacity Arthroprotector)

“Compared to the vast majority of other nootropic supplements we’ve researched over the years, we think it’s positive that we know exactly who manufactures Clarity (as well as the individuals behind the company), the exact ingredients (and amounts) it contains, the fact that it contains the recommended dosing for each of its ingredients, and the straightforward pricing. … In the end, it’s not often that we see all of these positive aspects in a single nutritional supplement.” — Highya (up to 1.731M monthly visitors), “Thrivous Clarity Reviews” (review of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“By witnessing the upper hand of this product by ourselves [compared to] other disheartening nootropics displayed in the market, we were able to say that this product is truly worth anyone’s investment.” — Mr. and Mrs. Howe (up to 7K monthly visitors), “Thrive, Don’t Just Survive, with Thrivous Supplements” (review of Nootropic Stack)

“If there is a supplement manufacturer who seems to tick all the right boxes in our quality criteria, it’s Thrivous, the makers of the Thrivous Clarity Daily Nootropic. With an A+ rating on BBB, clearly displayed Certificates of Analysis (COAs), and a vegan-friendly list of ingredients, there’s a lot to love about this brand.” — Nootropics Review Nerd (up to 6K monthly visitors), “Thrivous Clarity Review” (review of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

"Since switching to the Surge Acute Nootropic, we have noticed a remarkable increase in energy and find ourselves more focused on the task at hand. Some of our team also described increased short-term memory effects and more mental staying power to get through the day." — One Cut Reviews (up to 1K monthly visitors), "Thrivous Surge Acute Nootropic" (review of Surge Acute Nootropic)

“The best thing we see about Thrivous Clarity is its professional presentation. It doesn’t appear to be trying to grab customers with wild exaggerations and promises. They present the information clearly, and appear to have put together a formula based on scientific notions of improved brain function.” — Supplement Critique (up to 200K monthly visitors), “Thrivous Clarity Review – 1 BIG Reason to Try It” (review of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“All ingredients are natural; Strong scientific evidence backs up the positive results; Following several weeks of daily use, long term effects may be noticed. … Thrivous Clarity is proving itself to be a natural solution that is very well worth considering.” — The Nootropics Review (up to 5K monthly visitors), “Thrivous Clarity Review” (review of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

Thrivous Reviews from Science Advisors

Doctor Handshake

“I have enjoyed taking the complete Thrivous Stack for over a year. First and foremost, I know it contains many compounds that have been shown to improve human health and cognition. That alone gives me peace of mind. As we are all N-of-one experiments, I can say that my experience has been that I feel like the stack provides me with greater cognitive reserve and resilience to the typical stresses of life.” — Dr. Cory Funk (review of Thrivous Stack)

“I've been taking the Thrivous stack for a couple of years now. The thing that gives me the most confidence about this stack is how rigorous the company is when it comes to selecting empirically-validated nutrients – there is a high bar for which ingredients can and cannot be included. I also like how the stacks are combined and organized by function. The payoff of consistent use has been increased focus, calmness, and energy.” — Dr. David Dayton (review of Thrivous Stack)

“I continue to be impressed with the quality and integrity of Thrivous and its products, and will continue to use them myself and recommend them to my patients where appropriate.” — Dr. Jordan Roberts (review of Thrivous Stack)

Thrivous Reviews from Customers

Five Stars