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Thrivous Develops Alpha Neuroprotector Formula 3

Updated 27 February 2019
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Orem UT – Thrivous, the human enhancement company, has upgraded Alpha Neuroprotector to include SerinAid Phosphatidylserine. Alpha is a nootropic geroprotector that Thrivous developed to support brain function in healthy adults during normal aging. Formula 3 incorporates SerinAid, a standardized and patented form of Phosphatidylserine that has been the subject of more than 20 years of research and development for memory and cognitive support.

SerinAid is an exceptional form of Phosphatidylserine that is both allergen-free and derived from soy phospholipid, via a patented process that removes all soy protein. Other forms of phosphatidylserine either: (1) originate from cow brains, which are not vegan and may increase disease risk; (2) originate from sunflowers, which researchers have used less frequently in clinical studies; or (3) contain soy protein, which may increase allergy risk. SerinAid provides the best overall benefit profile: it is a vegan, allergen-free, and well-researched form of Phosphatidylserine.

"At Thrivous, we persistently look for cost-effective ways to improve our nootropic and geroprotector formulas," said Lincoln Cannon, CEO at Thrivous. "That's part of our mission to help our customers access technology with the greatest potential to improve their brains and bodies. Each incremental product improvement, whether in efficacy or quality or education, adds up to greater benefits in real lives."

Alpha Neuroprotector Formula 3

In addition to Phosphatidylserine, formula 3 of Alpha Neuroprotector incorporates Acetyl L Carnitine, Alpha GPC, Ginkgo Biloba, and R Alpha Lipoic Acid. Acetyl L Carnitine and R Alpha Lipoic Acid may work together to support healthy brain and nerve function, reducing cerebral toxins, and increasing energy. Alpha GPC may provide the most bio- and neuro-available form of Choline, which is essential to healthy brain function. And long-term supplementation of Ginkgo Biloba may support healthy brain function during normal aging.

Alpha Neuroprotector contains only nutrients and doses based on high levels of evidence for safety and efficacy from multiple clinical studies on humans — no experimental substances and no placebo dust. Because science is never finished, Thrivous monitors and analyzes new studies, consults with its advisor board of physicians and scientists, and seeks continuously to improve all of its supplement formulas.

Alpha Neuroprotector passes through multiple rounds of rigorous quality control. Suppliers subject each nutrient to identity, potency, microbial, heavy metals, and other testing as appropriate prior to manufacturing. Manufacturing follows strict GMP regulation from the FDA in audited and certified facilities, verifying the test results of suppliers, and subjecting combined nutrients to additional testing.

Alpha Neuroprotector has an open source formula, clearly identifying all nutrients and doses — no hiding behind secret proprietary blends. Thrivous publishes a certificate of analysis and quality for each of its supplements, transparently revealing all test results from suppliers and manufacturing. And it also publishes a summary of clinical studies for each supplement, sharing the science behind its formulas.

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Thrivous is the human enhancement company. Its mission is to help people access technology with the greatest potential to improve their brains and bodies. In pursuit of that mission, it develops and distributes nootropics to enhance mental ability and geroprotectors to promote healthy life extension, with open-source formulas and evidence-based doses of the most effective nutrients. For more information, contact

About SerinAid

SerinAid® is a registered trademark of Chemi Nutra. SerinAid is protected under U.S. patent numbers 5,700,668, 6,492,146, 6,645,742, 6,673,378, and 8,124,594.

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