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Nootropic Stack of the 2nd Smartest Person in the World

25 May 2016
Lincoln Cannon

Dietary Supplements

With an IQ of 192, Rick Rosner may be the second smartest person in the world. And he uses about 50 drugs, dietary supplements, and foods each day to make his brain and body work better.

I've reviewed the dietary supplements (not the drugs or foods) that he's using. It looks like about 17 of them have evidence for nootropic effect.

Below is a table that summarizes what I found, followed by some observations. This information is for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice. Please consult a physician before and during use of these and other nootropics.

The "nootropic" column lists the dietary supplements that Rick uses, whether or not they may qualify as nootropics based on evidence and effect. The "evidence" column shows the score for the level of evidence on a scale of 0 to 4 for the nootropic effect with the strongest supporting evidence. The "effect" column shows the score for the magnitude of effect on a scale of 0 to 3 for the effect with the strongest supporting evidence.

Nootropic Evidence Effect
Acetylcysteine 0 0
Ashwagandha 3 2
aGPC 2 2
Astragalus 2 1
Benfotiamine 0 0
Blueberry 2 1
Bromelain 1 1
Calcium 0 0
Caffeine 3 2
Carnitine 3 1
Carnosine 0 0
Chondroitin 0 0
Curcumin 2 1
DMAE 0 0
Fish Oil 4 2
Gastrodin 0 0
Glisodin 0 0
Glucosamine 0 0
Grape Seed 0 0
Horse Chestnut 0 0
Lycopene 0 0
Phosphatidylserine 3 1
Pregnenolone 0 0
Quercetin 0 0
Rosmarinic Acid 0 0
SAMe 2 2
Selenium 0 0
Trimethylglycine 2 1
Uridine 1 1
Vitamin C 2 1
Vitamin D 1 0
Vitamin E 2 2
Vitamin K 0 0

Average Evidence: 1.2 (equivalent of "uncontrolled or observational studies only")

Average Effect: 0.7 (equivalent of "minor")

A couple of these dietary supplements may provide notable nootropic effects, based on multiple human studies. They include Ashwagandha to decrease stress, and Fish Oil to improve mood. They are both in my list of real smart drugs, or first tier nootropics.

Some of the dietary supplements in the list may provide subtle nootropic effects, based on multiple human studies. Or they may provide notable effects based on less evidence. I think of these as second tier nootropics.

The second tier nootropics include aGPC to support healthy cognitive aging, Caffeine to increase wakefulness, and Carnitine to decrease fatigue. They also include Phosphatidylserine to increase cognition, and SAMe to improve mood. These may not be as dependable or effective as the first tier nootropics mentioned above. But they may still provide value.

Some other dietary supplements in the list may provide other notable health effects, according to multiple human studies. They include Blueberry to decrease DNA damage, Curcumin to decrease inflammation and pain, and Horse Chestnut to decrease chronic venous insufficiency and leg swelling. They also include Vitamin D to decrease risk of falls and colorectal cancer risk, and Vitamin K to increase bone mineral density.

Personally, I probably wouldn't take the other dietary supplements in the list at this time for a few reasons. First, some appear not to have been well studied. Second, do not appear to provide reliable nootropic or other health benefits. And third, some are not relevant to most people.

I won't comment on most of the drugs in Rick's list, but I will comment on one. Be careful with DHT blockers! They may be anti-nootropic.

Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience. I used a prescription DHT blocker for several years to treat hair loss. It worked for that, but it also increased anxiety and "brain fog." And there may be evidence that DHT blockers can increase depression.

Finally, Rick and others, consider adding a few other top tier nootropics to this stack. Here are my recommendations:

  • Bacopa to increase memory
  • Creatine to decrease fatigue
  • Ginkgo to support healthy cognitive aging
  • Inositol to decrease stress
  • Melatonin to facilitate sleep
  • Rhodiola to increase cognition
  • Theanine to increase relaxation
  • Zinc to support mood

For more information about these nootropics, take a look at my list of real smart drugs. And for a product that provides most of the top tier nootropics at effective doses, take a look at Thrivous Nootropic Stack.

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