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6 June 2017
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adjective : thriving

  1. enjoying vigorous and healthy development : flourishing
  2. marked by success or economic well-being : prosperous

thrivously \ˈthrī-vəs-lē\ adverb

thrive \ˈthrīv\ verb

thriver \ˈthrī-vər\ noun


advancing, arrived, blooming, booming, burgeoning, cooking, developing, doing well, expanding, exuberant, flourishing, going strong, growing, have it made, have the wherewithal, healthy, home free, in full swing, in top form, lush, luxuriant, mushrooming, on top of the heap, profuse, progressing, prolific, prospering, prosperous, rampant, rich, roaring, robust, rolling, sitting pretty, successful, thriving, vigorous, wealthy


Middle English thriven ("grow, increase")

... from Old Norse þrífa ("clean, cleanse, grab, grasp, seize, snatch")

... from Proto-Germanic *þrībaną ("catch on, grasp, prosper, seize, take hold")

... from Proto-Indo-European *terp- ("satisfy, enjoy")

Common Misspellings

thrivas, thrivis, thrivos, thrivus

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