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Dr. Crawford on Rhodiola as Natural Support for Stress

2 January 2019
Dr. Krystal Crawford

Rhodiola Rosea

We all experience some degree of stress and anxiety at a point in our lives. For example, maybe it's from planning a wedding. Or maybe it's from speaking in front of thousands. Although stress is inevitable, there are specific herbs that can help us manage stress.

If stress is left untreated, it can result in serious health consequences. That can include burnout and secondary conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and depression. And stress has not only individual but also economic and social consequences. According to the University of Massachusetts, organizations are affected by rising costs related to reduced productivity, sick leave, and higher staff turnover.

Adaptogens have been used throughout history and confirmed by the latest research to ease anxiety and offer neuroprotective properties.  Adaptogens are herbs that encourage the body to respond favorably to stress by inhibiting elevated levels of cortisol (aka, “stress hormone”). The primary and most popular adaptogenic herb to date is Rhodiola.

Rhodiola may encourage the body’s resistance to stress, exhaustion, and fatigue. It’s a favorite herb used in traditional medicine to stimulate the nervous system, manage mood, enhance work performance, and reduce stress.

Of the various species of Rhodiola, R. Rosea has been most extensively studied. Reseachers have found it to include over 28 compounds, of which salidroside (rhodioloside) and p-tyrosol are thought to have the most potent therapeutic effects. It was reported that ingesting R. Rosea may encourage mental clarity and increased endurance performance. Humans studies have reported that participants with fatigue and a decline in work capacity responded favorably with Rhodiola at a dose of 1 mg salidroside or more daily.

Rhodiola has been reported to promote healthy brain function and support learning and memory. Studies have found that R. rosea has potent neuroprotective effects through the suppression of excitotoxicity in brain tissues, neuroinflammation, and oxidative stress.

In a study, researchers wanted to investigate the effect of Rhodiola on promoting healthy brain function. Participants were given 10 drops of R. rosea extract a day. After the study, the participants showed improvements in brain function along with increased power and speed of neural processes.

In another study, physicians, scientists, and students consumed 10 drops of Rhodiola 1-2 times per day for 2-3 weeks before exams. And they showed improvement in the amount and quality of work, greater energy, and better mental clarity.

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