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Synapsa Powers the Brain Supplement for Knowledge Workers

10 July 2021
Thrivous Admin

Knowledge Worker Brain

Knowledge workers who flourish in today's society are those who master the skill of deep work. Our technological age is drowning many of us in massive amounts of information. It can be hard to specialize, and even harder to focus.

Distractions, competing for your attention, make focus a rare but necessary condition for success. When you're climbing to the peak of your professional career, the last thing you need is to be held back by untapped potential for learning and its application. Practicing the discipline of deep work, with the help of a natural cognitive-enhancing supplement, can take your accomplishments to the next level.

The supplement I'm talking about is Synapsa Bacopa. Mother Nature has provided humans with a mental performance enhancer in the form of a natural plant extract. It can enhance cognition, enable memory consolidation, and boost cognitive performance outcomes.

It can also help people get ahead of future age-associated memory degradation. Synapsa strengthens the brain's ability to store new information. It works by targeting the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain associated with learning and memory.

Below, I provide information to help you become acquainted with Synapsa Bacopa. First, I summarize the science behind the supplement. Then I explain how it works and the benefits of adding it into your routine.

The Science of Synapsa Bacopa

The studies that I reference below are related to Synapsa Bacopa, which is the most well-studied standardized extract of Bacopa Monnieri. There are other extracts that are less-studied or non-standardized. I don't cover those here. Thrivous has published another article that provides a broad overview of the science behind Bacopa.

Over the last 30 years, researchers have begun testing Bacopa on humans. Many earlier studies were on animals. Despite that, ancient ayurvedic medicine has been using Bacopa Monnieri on humans for thousands of years. Their reasons included anxiety, poor memory, and a desire to improve cognition.

Modern researchers became interested in testing the effects of Bacopa on humans. The following studies of Bacopa Monnieri are eye-opening. Knowledge workers, whose professions rely on interpreting information, will find the studies particularly interesting. And the most proficient knowledge workers will rethink their performance-optimizing routine, in light of results that demonstrate cognitive enhancement.

A 90-day double-blind, placebo-controlled study tested Synapsa Bacopa on spatial working memory. In those taking Bacopa, spatial working memory accuracy increased. 62 study participants finished the study with roughly 80% compliance in treatment.

An earlier study tested Synapsa Bacopa on participants with age-associated impairment of memory. Participants did not display any mental illness, disease, or pre-dementia symptoms. Researchers observed improvement in logical memory and mental control. The improvement occurred as early as the fourth week and as late as the eighth week, depending on the participant.

A 2012 study had similar results, demonstrating that memory recall increased after supplementing with Synapsa Bacopa. Speed of processing information improved with Synapsa Bacopa consumption, in a study from 2001. And a study conducted years later, in 2013, had results that further back up the previous findings.

Benefits of Chronic and Acute Use

Whether Bacopa Monnieri is used short- or long-term, there are benefits to be had. Evidence for these benefits is provided by the research mentioned above.

Chronic usage of Synapsa provides natural memory support. Improved memory consolidation helps to preserve new information as it's learned. Previous learning becomes more accessible, leading to greater productivity. And higher-order cognitive processes are easier to maintain.

Acute usage benefits are achievable on a shorter time scale. Remember how distractions are on the rise? Well, acute usage combats distractibility. With less distractibility, and improved information processing, greater mental performance is achieved quickly.

Some knowledge workers equate greater focus with a flow state. In flow state, higher conscious awareness enables deeper attention to the work at hand. Being in flow state is often crucial for the most advanced forms of knowledge work. Think of Bacopa Monnieri as a hack to achieve flow state more easily.

Synapsa Bacopa can help knowledge workers thrive. Maybe you're aiming to get tenure. Or maybe you're working to write more code or publish more articles than ever before. The cognitive benefits of Bacopa Monnieri accord well with any knowledge worker goals.

How to Buy Synapsa Bacopa

For a boost in cognitive performance, Synapsa Bacopa is the way to go. It supports cognitive health and enhances mental performance. And, in particular, it can improve memory. The benefits make Synapsa an excellent elixir for the modern knowledge worker.

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