Thrivous Reviews and Product Endorsements

Thrivous receives a lot of positive feedback from customers and third-party reviewers. We’d like to share some of that with you. This page provides a selection of reviews and endorsements of Thrivous, our products, and our business.

We publish reviews and endorsements for information purposes only. They reflect the opinions of customers, advisors, and third-parties. They may or may not reflect the opinions of Thrivous.

We verify that each product review comes from a real customer. But we don’t verify or endorse any claims in reviews. When using Thrivous products, individual results may vary.

We recommend our products and services to healthy adults. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. And we encourage you to consult a physician before and during use.

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Thrivous Endorsements from Third-Parties

Facebook Nootropics Group (more than 21,000 members), “Trusted Source

“Where should I buy nootropics? Are there safe and trusted sources? We have a list of ‘trusted vendors’ based on the past experience of the community members.”

Reddit Nootropics Group (more than189,000 members), “Reliable Supplier

“Thrivous seems to be a reliable supplier. Thrivous has documentation showing they've adequately tested their products and they seem to be doing their due diligence to make sure their products are safe and accurately represented.”

Thrivous Reviews from Third-Parties

Best 5 Supplements (up to 37,000 monthly visitors), “Thrivous Clarity Review – Potent Adaptogens and B-Vitamins

“Thrivous Clarity is a solid nootropic stack for mental performance and overall brain health, driven by high-dosage Bacopa+Rhodiola plus a B-vitamin complex featuring some impressively advanced forms.”

Corpina (up to 83,000 monthly visitors), “Thrivous Nootropics Review: Evidence-Based Qualia Alternatives

“It’s safe to believe that the combination of dosages and prices that Thrivous provides makes their products by far one of the greatest overall value on the market anywhere in the world. Often, people see a list of good ingredients but aren’t really aware of what their dosages should be to match those used in clinical studies. So, they buy a product with many good ingredients but don’t really get their benefits.

“In its formulations, Thrivous has focused on evidence-based dosages reflecting those demonstrating efficacy in clinical studies on humans. And they price their products far below the prices charged by most stack vendors and competitively with the sum of prices charged for individually-encapsulated ingredients.

“On top of that, they test all of their ingredients, both individually and in combination, multiple times to ensure their quality. Most of all, they make all of the test results publicly available on the product webpages. So, in addition to getting high value products, Thrivous customers are getting high quality products. Sometimes you really can get the best of both worlds.”

Highya (up to 1,731,000 monthly visitors), “Thrivous Clarity Reviews

“Compared to the vast majority of other nootropic supplements we’ve researched over the years, we think it’s positive that we know exactly who manufactures Clarity (as well as the individuals behind the company), the exact ingredients (and amounts) it contains, the fact that it contains the recommended dosing for each of its ingredients, and the straightforward pricing, without any kind of free trials.

“We also think it speaks volumes about a company’s business practices when they offer full refunds, even if the bottle is empty. Given this, if you feel like giving Thrivous Clarity a try, you probably won’t be out much more than a few dollars in S&H if you’re dissatisfied and decide to process a return.

“In the end, it’s not often that we see all of these positive aspects in a single nutritional supplement.”

Mr. and Mrs. Howe (up to 7,000 monthly visitors), “Thrive, Don’t Just Survive, with Thrivous Supplements

“By witnessing the upper hand of this product by ourselves from other disheartening nootropics displayed in the market, we were able to say that this product is truly worth anyone’s investment - and the materials used are vegan. Each of the four products we featured has their advantages that it could stand alone or would also complement the others to enable you to perform in your best possible condition.”

Nootropics Review Nerd (up to 6,000 monthly visitors), “Thrivous Clarity Review

“If there is a supplement manufacturer who seems to tick all the right boxes in our quality criteria, it’s Thrivous, the makers of the Thrivous Clarity Daily Nootropic. With an A+ rating on BBB, clearly displayed Certificates of Analysis (COAs), and a vegan-friendly list of ingredients, there’s a lot to love about this brand.”

Supplement Critique (up to 200,000 monthly visitors), “Thrivous Clarity Review – 1 BIG Reason to Try It

“The best thing we see about Thrivous Clarity is its professional presentation. It doesn’t appear to be trying to grab customers with wild exaggerations and promises. They present the information clearly, and appear to have put together a formula based on scientific notions of improved brain function.”

The Nootropics Review (up to 5,000 monthly visitors), “Thrivous Clarity Review

“Of course, there are many details that you may wish to examine before you start taking Thrivous Clarity. However, allow us to give you a brief overview in a few simple bullet points: All ingredients are natural; Strong scientific evidence backs up the positive results; Following several weeks of daily use, long terms effects may be noticed.

“Indeed, having improved memory, focus and mood certainly have the potential to make life more enjoyable and less overwhelming. Thrivous Clarity is proving itself to be a natural solution that is very well worth considering. If you think your life could benefit from the advantages of Thrivous Clarity, why not take the time to find out more about this product? It may prove itself to be a great addition to your busy life.”

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Thrivous Reviews from Science Advisors

Dr. Cory Funk

“I have enjoyed taking the complete Thrivous Stack for over a year. First and foremost, I know it contains many compounds that have been shown to improve human health and cognition. That alone gives me peace of mind. As we are all N-of-one experiments, I can say that my experience has been that I feel like the stack provides me with greater cognitive reserve and resilience to the typical stresses of life.

“I have used Serenity to help increase the quality and duration of sleep, which has been particularly helpful when traveling. I find that when I have been able to get the sleep/rest I need, I am able to function at a higher level than I would expect. I attribute this to the Stack.”

Dr. David Dayton

“I've been taking the Thrivous stack for a couple of years now. The thing that gives me the most confidence about this stack is how rigorous the company is when it comes to selecting empirically-validated nutrients – there is a high bar for which ingredients can and cannot be included. I also like how the stacks are combined and organized by function. The payoff of consistent use has been increased focus, calmness, and energy.”

Dr. Jordan Roberts

“Over the past several months, I have regularly used Clarity in the afternoon to help maintain a sharp focus and give my patients the attention they need. It helps me to mobilize my energy reserves and use the calories from my mid-day meal more efficiently, especially if used together with a small amount of caffeine (~50mg).

“I notice that on the days I have missed it that I tend to bring home more work. I have noticed no significant adverse effects (except a very brightly colored urine!), and my patients who have tried Clarity have reported similar, positive outcomes.

“While my personal experience with other products from the Thrivous Stack is limited, my patients have reported improved sleep latency and quality using Serenity, less use of OTC analgesics for joint pains with Tenacity, and fewer episodes of brain fog with Alpha.

“Since the primary functions of Omega (cardioprotector) and Vitality (geroprotector) are long term, it may be more difficult to notice day-to-day effects. And thus additional prospective studies are needed to establish their protective benefits and risks. But the evidence upon which the uses of these products are based appears well founded.

“I continue to be impressed with the quality and integrity of Thrivous and its products, and will continue to use them myself and recommend them to my patients where appropriate.”

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Thrivous Reviews from Customers

Aaron A. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“I went into this not expecting much but man was I wrong! I feel a clarity and improved mood on the days I take this and can notice it not being there days I don't. Great product and an even better company. Great customer support, fast shipping.”

Adrian R. (verified purchase of Nootropic Stack)

“I am relatively new to nootropics, and before I discovered Thrivous I was spinning my wheels. It felt like I was blind and shooting in the dark with my supplementation. I didn’t know what I was doing or what I should be taking. It was very frustrating and expensive, not to mention time consuming, as I sifted through mountains of opinions, trying to determine what would work best for me, with the goals that I had in mind.

“When I discovered Thrivous, I was excited. Here were 4 carefully engineered stacks at an extremely reasonable price. I have been taking the Alpha, Clarity and Serenity stacks daily and have noticed improvements in creativity, word recall, and memory. I take the Surge stack when I need to get into a flow state and stay there for long periods of time.

“On a personal note, I discovered that the CEO of the company is a man I have known and respected for several years. It was a crazy coincidence but once I realized who the founder was I became even more excited. Mr. Cannon is a fantastic human being and I have no hesitation in giving Thrivous my complete and unequivocal recommendation.

“What are you waiting for? Give it a shot.”

Andrea J. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“Love Thrivous products. Quick delivery and excellent quality.”

Austin C. (verified purchase of Nootropic Stack)

“I really appreciate that Thrivous is so transparent about their blend, and their prices can't be beat. This is an area that would be easy to sell people proverbial snake-oil, but this company is so up-front about everything, it gives me a lot of confidence.

“I take Clarity in the morning, and Serenity at night. I take Surge on days I need a boost, and I take Alpha a couple times a day.

“It's the full Thrivous stack. Really pleased so far. Keep it up, Thrivous.”

Blaire O. (verified purchase of Surge Acute Nootropic)

“If you use the product as directed it has about the same effects as a cup of coffee. I'm sensitive to substances so, for me, one pill goes a long way in keeping me awake and alert.”

Brent A. (verified purchase of Thrivous Stack)

“I've been wanting to take something like Thrivous Stack, but never had the time to research it. Now Thrivous does the research for you, and it helps.

“I know how science-based this company is. I trust that it only produces products that are proven, via demonstrated and peer-reviewed science. I feel it is already helping improve what I would otherwise be.

“I’m on the verge of turning 60. Sometimes when I carry heavy things in a certain way, or sleep on an arm in a certain way, my arms start to feel like they are going to sleep. I need to take a break and move my arm around to restore the circulation.

“Ever since I started taking Thrivous’ Omega Cardioprotector, I haven’t noticed experiencing this at all. I've also had trouble sleeping, so I take Serenity Nightly Nootropic regularly to help.”

Carl Y. (verified purchase of Thrivous Stack)

“Thrivous is the clear leader for effective, affordable nootropics and health supplements.

“I have noticed that when I use Alpha Neuroprotector regularly, along with the Thrivous Nootropic Stack, I seem to have a clearer head and better focus. I especially notice that I am less likely to get sick when I've been pushing myself hard when I take it. Vitality is another great addition to their product lineup specifically focused on healthy aging and longevity.

“When I purchase Thrivous products, I know I am getting a supplement that contains ingredients for which there is strong scientific evidence of health benefits, at a rigorously-tested and audited potency and purity level that will have a significant effect. Thrivous' meticulously-documented research and expertise allow me to trust that I'm getting a solid product with proven benefits at the most affordable price possible.

“Many competitors show a litany of ingredients, but don't contain sufficient potencies of these ingredients to have a significant effect. Many of them also cannot vouch for and do not audit the quality of their ingredients or packaging processes. Finally, many of them include ingredients for which there is not strong scientific evidence. All this combined makes other choices much weaker, despite their sometimes catchy marketing.

“When compared in the same quantities and qualities, Thrivous products are a clear winner in terms of quality, effectiveness and affordability. I have come to rely on Thrivous to provide me with the best nootropic and general health products available, based on the latest scientific research. I intend to continue relying on Thrivous as their product line grows.”

Carla M. (verified purchase of Surge Acute Nootropic)

“I’ve ordered this three times and it gives me a jump on my steps in the morning. I really like it!”

Charles P. (verified purchase of Surge Acute Nootropic)

“I find this little pill is perfect to keep me from nodding off when doing paperwork in the afternoon. It is the right dose for me – not as weak as a Cola drink, nor as jolting as a drive-at-night caffeine pill. Of course if I ever do want a jolt I can take two pills!”

Christopher B. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“I've been using Clarity for just over a month now and have noted benefits in increased energy and clearer thinking. Particularly glad to have scientifically researched ingredients at a lower price than available elsewhere. I'm looking forward to further products from Thrivous.”

Dalton M. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“I'm smarter than you because I take Clarity by Thrivous. :)

“I have been taking Clarity most every day since March of 2018. It is the first nootropic I had ever tried, and I bought a subscription because I save 25% on every order. Thrivous designed this supplement for regular use over time and max efficacy requires about two or three months.

“They have an open source formula you can trust. Certificate of analysis and summary of clinical studies are available for download on the website, which states ‘We Guarantee Your Happiness,’ and I am extra happy these days.

“There is a short pathway from my head to my heart. So, after breakfast, when I put those 2 Clarity in my mouth, my heart feels smarter too, because I know this level of self-care is important; and it makes me smile.”

Daniel B. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“I have tried and evaluated many nootropics over several years. Being someone who designs and builds software, my cognitive functioning is central to my career and quality of life.

“When I learned of Clarity I was already aware of and already taking all of its ingredients, having personally tested their effectiveness over time. I already knew it would work for me.

“I chose to modify my nootropic stack to include Clarity for 3 reasons. 1) Transparency about dosages. 2) Price. 3) My trial of its quality.

“I also appreciate the way Thivous operates. When I hear of new nootropics, if not from Thrivous themselves, I can expect that I'll soon be able to read their very grounded evaluation of it.”

David K. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“I spent a lot of time originally looking at medically-sound nootropics based on double-blind studies and AMA-related recommendations from doctors, and narrowed down to a handful of things.

“What made me switch to Thrivous and in particular Clarity was the fact that they seemed to have the same list, and I didn't have to get 55 different supplements, and they left out all the nonsense that there is not any research to support.

“There is a lot of nonsense out there about nootropics, and a lot of people seem to think they will become super-charged, but it’s the little elements like better sleep or more focus or a little bit better memory retention that, together, make the difference.

“Thrivous does it for me. And I don't have to bother any more getting all those different supplements.”

Debra A. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“I have a monthly shipment. I have more energy.”

Don L. (verified purchase of Serenity Nightly Nootropic)

“Repeat customer. Wife loves the product.”

Donald H. (verified purchase of Clarity and Alpha Stack)

“I have been using Nootropics for over a year now. Started with them when I heard about Nootrobox on some podcasts. After a while I saw the products from Thrivous and appreciated the thought that went into the comparisons and decided to give them a try.

“I have been quite happy with the results. And I am using Clarity and Alpha daily, and use Surge when needed at the end of a long day and have a long drive ahead of me. Look forward to seeing new products.”

Elizabeth J. (verified purchase of Serenity Nightly Nootropic)

“This definitely works. No hangover feeling the next day.”

Elizabeth T. (verified purchase of Serenity Nightly Nootropic)

“Amazing!!! Love this product! I have tried so many different sleep aid products with melatonin in them. However, I also wanted one with other vitamins as well.

“This one is perfect! It makes me sleepy and I feel no drag in the am!! Highly recommend!!!”

Erik B. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“Five claims. Five stars. Cited benefits to cognition, memory, mood, energy, and relaxation are supported in my experience with Thrivous Clarity. The effects are subtle.

“I have taken the formula on a stand-alone basis and, as per my preference, in conjunction with other vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements on a rotating basis. I find Clarity to be well tolerated in all cases so far. That is important to me and not to be taken for granted with any supplement, regardless of its anticipated benefits. It has been a welcome finding in favor of this formula.

“Three subjective impressions during my use of Clarity are (1) that, while on-task, I am mildly to moderately less distracted by irrelevant thoughts and surroundings; (2) that I feel motivated to engage and to complete tasks that I might otherwise neglect and (3) that attention, focus, creativity, patience and positive outlook are subtly enhanced.

“I recognize the obvious potential for confirmation bias, yet I have measurably gotten more needful things done, and I have enjoyed the result while taking Clarity, whatever the cause, without feeling coerced by a substance.

“Whether we're talking about rapidly matching a pile of socks, optimally loading a dishwasher, instantly conjuring a meal for my family, helping my sixteen-year-old or my four eleven-year-olds with homework, reading scientific papers or hammering-out research of my own, my subjective experience while incorporating Clarity into a constellation of supplements aligns well with its name.

“After my first sixty-capsule bottle of Surge Acute Nootropic, my impression is that Thrivous has done its homework and selected a combination of ingredients and a per-capsule dose that is just about perfect for me. I like the control it affords. I can safely take it in variable daily dosage. I can use it as a supplement or as a supplement to supplements.

“And then there's what it actually does: Unlike some expensive and outrageously-labeled formulas that target excessive stimulant effect, Surge brings simultaneous energizing and and calming benefits to me, when consumed as a single capsule, as a stand-alone dose of two capsules, or in combination with other selected supplements targeting wakefulness, memory, mood support, and mental engagement. I need those benefits - not Kryptonite urine. :)

“Over a period of months, I've taken Surge with the Thrivous Clarity formula, as well as with non-Thrivous products, and I like the effect. I haven't experienced adverse interaction with these other formulas or with foods, neither any unpleasant sensitivity to daily doses ranging from 1 to 4 capsules.

“Obviously, one has to be mindful of whether other things taken during the same period contain caffeine or other stimulants, but this versatility of Surge in my own experience is the reason that the word 'modular' comes to mind as its notable virtue. I recommend it on that virtue and for its advertised benefits.”

Ginny J. (verified purchase of Clarity and Serenity Stack)

“I have been using Clarity and Serenity for about three months now and I am impressed. I have definitely noticed an increase in energy and cognitive boost with Clarity. I really like the mellowing effect that Serenity has at night I do think I sleep better. These are great products that have been thoroughly researched!”

Iris K. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“I love this product. Being a senior it was depressing not remembering things.

“After taking Clarity just a short while I don't even have to write down dates anymore as I remember 90% of the many things I have to do, whereas before I had a real problem remembering a lot of appointments, dates, etc.

“I feel so much better in that I remember people's names, etc. This is a terrific vitamin.”

Jacob J. (verified purchase of Surge Acute Nootropic)

“Simple formula, great ingredients, clean stimulation. As an alternative to more traditional caffeine pills or energy drinks, it's a clear win. The convenience is nice too. The formula is simple and should appeal highly to the more mainstream market as opposed to the more niche 'nootropics' market.

“Since it's all stuff I have in my cabinet, my main reason for buying or using Surge would be the convenience it provides and the consistent, quality stimulation I get, and the trust I have in Thrivous to source quality ingredients and provide great service.”

James S. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“I have been able to reduce my caffeine intake by 50%, while still maintaining comparable energy levels. In addition, the reduction in caffeine along with the theanine has helped control my minor anxiety. I even stopped supplementing for two weeks to make sure that I wasn't imagining benefits, only to come back and subscribe.”

Josh M. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“Thrivous is everything it promises. I'm a loyal customer.”

Joshua J. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“Fantastic product. Everything it says is in the ingredients. Love it!!”

Joshua P. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“I contacted Thrivous shortly before taking the CA bar exam. Clarity has increased my productivity 10 fold, and has exceeded my expectations with regards to health and safety (e.g. no crash). Thanks again!!!”

Karla D. (verified purchase of Surge Acute Nootropic)

“Works great. Plenty of sustained energy and focus.”

Kate L. (verified purchase of Serenity Nightly Nootropic)

“Serenity Nightly Nootropic is a very effective product. It really does help both my husband and me to fall asleep and stay asleep, and there are no negative after-effects in the morning.”

Linda G. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“Concentrate more easily, more stamina, more confidence.

“As a mother of a 17-year-old, I am mostly concerned this year about my boy graduating from high school, a major step towards future college studies (and I hope a bright career). We all wish the best for our kids, right?!

“I remember my last year of high school: long nights, countless graded projects, exams after exams, and the pressure of doing it all with honors. We all know the drill! Well, my son's senior year is no different than mine was 30 years ago.

“Luckily there's Clarity, a simple yet powerful supplement that has made such a difference in my son's life: 2 months into the daily regimen of Clarity and he is able to concentrate more easily in class, has more stamina at the end of the day and has gained not only more confidence about his daily performance but has also seen his grades go up.

“Simple, efficient, easy to take. Clarity is part of my son's everyday life and what a difference it has made! Thank you.”

Lori M. (verified purchase of Surge Acute Nootropic)

“Brain power. Felt great without feeling shaky. Wide-awake and alert.”

Marcus F. (verified purchase of Thrivous Stack)

“Clarity wins the day. I have been using Clarity for over a year. It is wonderful.

“It takes a little while to get into your system so it may take a month to start noticing the results. When you really can tell the difference is if you miss a dose for a couple of days after you've been taking it consistently for several months.

“It has really helped with overall brain function. Memory is better, clear thinking, with relief from depressive feelings. I highly recommend it, and I recommend giving it 3 months of consistent use before you make the final judgment.

“I also use Surge a few times per week to get increased energy which, for me, leads to more focus and a better attitude. It is far better than coffee or a Monster. I don't feel jittery at all and don't have to feel gross after downing a lot of beverage.

“Considering its cost, then it's way less expensive than most sodas with high caffeine content if used regularly. I'm sold.”

Mary S. (verified purchase of Nootropic Stack)

I've been using Clarity and Serenity for several years and started using Alpha in the last year. My experience has been that they make a positive impact on my health and functioning! Great price, quality and customer service. Highly recommend!”

Matt S. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“I've been using Clarity for months now – and maybe this is anecdotal – but I feel more alert longer. Shipping has never been a problem. I'm on the monthly plan. Everything ships on time and in good condition.”

Micah R. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“Solid, long-term nootropics, based on unbiased research. I use Clarity Daily Nootropic – along with a few other Thrivous products – every day. I like knowing that it's based on unbiased research, and makes use of the most solid options for long-term, sustainable mental improvement. I've personally noticed improvements in mood and memory.”

Neal L. (verified purchase of Surge Acute Nootropic)

“Energy drinks make me nauseous, so I avoid them. Surge, on the other hand, has proven consistently effective when I need to stay alert and focused, for example when driving long distances. I am a moderate coffee drinker, but have found that two capsules of Surge, in addition to my usual coffee intake, is more than enough to make a noticeable difference and keep me awake.

“What I appreciate most, however, is the transparency and quality control that Thrivous provides. I also use Clarity, Serenity, and Alpha. I previously used a much larger variety of supplements, which was costly and time consuming to assemble.

“And because many companies hide their dosage and ingredient lists, I was never 100% at ease about the effectiveness OR the safety of what I was consuming. With Thrivous, since I know exactly what I'm taking, I have more control over my dosage and can safely experiment until I figure out what works best for me.”

Oscar M. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“This isn't a nonsense blend of pseudopharmaceuticals, holistic bologna, or snake oil. This is a blend that is beautifully labeled, with the ingredients clearly listed at the customer's discretion, so there are no mysteries to the blend. After having taken this for approximately 2-3 weeks, off and on, I definitely notice increased attention, awareness, alertness – the good stuff, pretty much – without the jitters. Would recommend for anyone trying to find a caffeine substitute/alternative that is significantly more effective.”

Rhett O. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“Awesome value. I was already taking vitamin B and Rhodiola, so moving to Clarity cut the cost of my supplements in half and was able to add the benefits of additional ingredients.

“I suppose those reviewers saying it did nothing for them likely expected to get some kind of energy boost or ultra focus. I don't get that, but I have felt the effects especially in the leveling of my mood swings.

“I know that the product is very well researched and is painstakingly sourced and tested to ensure quality. You're just not going to get this kind of quality supplement at this price anywhere else.”

Samuel S. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“I used to buy several products to get the combination and dosage levels that I now can get with just one product, Clarity. And at a better value.”

Sean L. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“Based on the science behind its component chemicals, I thought I'd give Clarity a try, expecting at best the mental clarity and steadiness version of the steady-but-not-daily-perceptible body composition benefits that I get from BCAAs and lysine supplements. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to perceive specific improvements in memory, lucidity, and concentration the week I began the Clarity supplement. Of course, I'm an 'N of 1,' so I don't pretend that my experience proves anything, but it's my experience, nonetheless.”

Shelton O. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“First day I noticed the difference with clarity of thought and also had better energy later in the day when I normally start to feel draggy. Thanks Thrivous!”

Terrance P. (verified purchase of Surge Acute Nootropic)

“Great boost. For me, Surge has been a great way to start the day. As a high school teacher I need something that’s going to get me going early in the morning. While coffee is ok, Surge gives me that same effect but with a mental edge.

“Currently I just take one in the morning and since I’m crushing it so early, the rest of my day follows. You may need an extra dosage towards the end of the day if you’re up late, but overall this product is fantastic.”

Tyler G. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“This product costs less per day than making yourself a cup of coffee and delivers what it claims – I was actually pleasantly surprised. It provides a subjective feeling of calm focus and clarity without the 'edginess' of other drugs that enhance focus and alertness (I am comparing it to caffeine, adderall/dextroamphetamine, Provigil/modafinil). I subscribed to the monthly program thinking that I would cancel if the product was weak, but after trying it I now hope that Thrivous is charging enough to stay in business for a long time.”

Wil B. (verified purchase of Clarity Daily Nootropic)

“I have been taking Nootropics for 25 years and now I have been taking Thrivous for about a month. It is a really interesting and powerful mix for me.

“It gives me a strong and even mental drive to help me power through my work solving software development problems. Unlike traditional stimulants, I can be calm but still focused. I recommend this to anyone.”

Five Stars with Heart