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Thrivous Develops Serenity Nightly Nootropic

26 September 2016
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Relax and Sleep

Orem UT – Thrivous, the human enhancement company, has developed and brought to market Serenity, the nightly nootropic. Serenity is designed for nightly use to promote calm and sleep, and to improve next-day focus. It is also designed to complement Clarity, the first nootropic brought to market by Thrivous.

"Use Serenity in the evening and Clarity in the morning to set yourself up for a more productive day," said Lincoln Cannon, CEO at Thrivous. "I've been using the combination of ingredients in these nootropics for a long time, and I love it."

Guided by science, Thrivous identifies nootropic ingredients with the greatest potential to promote mental performance beyond what can be achieved through traditional lifestyle choices alone. Serenity contains ingredients at concentrations and amounts based on high levels of evidence for notable effect from peer-reviewed, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies on humans.

Thrivous makes Serenity from minerals and amino acids in the human diet, and from bioidentical hormones. Thrivous does not use substances derived from animals. All ingredients and capsules are vegan.

Thrivous Serenity, Nightly Nootropic

Ingredients include L-Theanine, Magnesium Glycinate, and Melatonin. L-Theanine is an amino acid found in plant and fungal species. Supplementation may improve relaxation. Magnesium Glycinate is an essential dietary mineral reacted with an amino acid. Supplementation may promote calm and improve sleep quality. Melatonin is a bioidentical hormone, also naturally produced in most forms of life. Supplementation may promote sleep.

Although many vendors hide their product formulas and ingredient test results, Thrivous does not. Serenity has an open formula with ingredient dosages clearly indicated on its label.

Thrivous also publishes a certificate of analysis and quality for Serenity, sharing all test results from suppliers and manufacturers. Suppliers subject each ingredient to stringent quality testing, including identity, potency, microbial, heavy metals, and other testing as appropriate prior to release for manufacturing. Manufacturers follow strict GMP regulation from the FDA in audited and certified facilities. They monitor production and test finished product to ensure quality prior to release for shipping.

Statements in this press release have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult a physician before and during use.

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Thrivous is the human enhancement company. Its mission is to help people access technology with the greatest potential to improve their brains and bodies. In pursuit of that mission, it develops and distributes nootropics to enhance cognition and geroprotectors to support healthy aging, with open-source formulas and evidence-based dosages of natural ingredients. Its high-value products include Clarity, the daily nootropic to improve focus, memory, and mood, and to support healthy brain function. For more information, please contact

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