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Apollo Mental Clarity Is Fake News

20 December 2018
Lincoln Cannon

Scam Warning

Responding to "Clarity" nootropic brain supplement scams is like playing Whac-A-Mole. This time, Apollo Mental Clarity gets the whac. Like previous whacs to CortyX Clarity and Cognivex Clarity, I give this whac to Apollo Mental Clarity, in part, because of its all-too-predictable opaque quality information and extortionist pricing, but mostly because of its manipulative sales tactics. In that area, Apollo Mental Clarity is truly exceptional. It has transcended merely fake product reviews, and moved fully into the domain of fake news with hoax celebrity endorsements. 

I actually suspect that the Apollo Mental Clarity pills come from the same company as the others. All of the websites use the same templates. And they re-use the same fake product reviews. If not all from the same company, maybe they come from a network of affiliates. I don't know. In any case, none should be flattered to be associated with each other. Take a look at the Apollo Mental Clarity website, compared to the others.

Apollo Mental Clarity Website
Apollo Mental Clarity Website
CortyX Clarity Website
CortyX Clarity Website
Cognivex Clarity Website
Cognivex Clarity Website

And take a look at some of the Apollo Mental Clarity reviews, compared to reviews of the other products. Of course people want to know if Apollo Mental Clarity works. But none of these reviews can help. They're all fake. I sure hope John D. and Jane M. were never real people. How embarrassing for them.

Apollo Mental Clarity Reviews (Fake)
Apollo Mental Clarity Fake Reviews
CortyX Clarity Reviews (Fake)
CortyX Clarity Fake Reviews
Cognivex Clarity Reviews (Fake)
Cognivex Clarity Fake Reviews

Did you notice the reference to "extremely high media demand" at the top of the Apollo Mental Clarity website? That's probably a reference to fake news that the vendor has published. And, wow, it's total bull ... uh, something. Let's just say it belongs to the list of greatest hits from the fake news industry. Take a look at this example, supposedly from the Business Insider website:

Apollo Mental Clarity on Business Insider (Fake News)
Apollo Mental Clarity Fake News

But the webpage isn't actually from Business Insider. It was published to a scam domain. And it includes several lies about celebrity endorsements. Lower on the webpage, we find a fake endorsement from Dr. Ben Carson, whose brain is supposedly "sharper than ever" thanks to Apollo Mental Clarity.

Dr. Ben Carson Endorses Apollo Mental Clarity (Fake)
Apollo Mental Clarity Fake News

Then we find a fake endorsement from actor Denzel Washington. Supposedly, he claimed that "evolution of the brain" is here because Apollo Mental Clarity "raises levels of focus and performance every day by 300%."

Denzel Washington Endorses Apollo Mental Clarity (Fake)
Apollo Mental Clarity Fake News

Next we find a fake endorsement from physicist Stephen Hawking, who supposedly "admitted to using Apollo Mental Clarity to triple his memory."

Stephen Hawking Endorses Apollo Mental Clarity (Fake)
Apollo Mental Clarity Fake News

And finally we find a fake endorsement from media commentator Bill O'Reilly. Supposedly, he has been using Apollo Mental Clarity "for years."

Bill O'Reilly Endorses Apollo Mental Clarity (Fake)
Apollo Mental Clarity Fake News

Maybe fake news would be entertaining, if it were harmless. But this is not harmless. This hurts the people that it deceives, manipulating consumers into buying over-priced products of dubious quality. How much does Apollo Mental Clarity cost? More than you think. Be warned. The "free" trial turns into a full charge of $60 per month if you don't cancel within 15 days. What are the Apollo Mental Clarity ingredients? Who really knows? It claims a proprietary blend on its label, but there's no reason to suppose any testing has ever confirmed the identity or potency of the ingredients.

The fake news and reviews also hurt other businesses: diminishing the reputation of nutraceuticals in general and nootropics in particular, and generating misdirected consumer anger. Unfortunately, people regularly confuse Apollo Mental Clarity with Thrivous Clarity. For example, we've received sincerely inquisitive phone calls from people asking whether we sell the brain supplement endorsed by Dr. Ben Carson. And more alarming, we've received angry phone calls from Apollo Mental Clarity customers, who tell us about being tricked into unexpected charges on their credit cards, and difficulty contacting the vendor. In their frustration, they end up calling any company that sells a product called "Clarity." And when they talk with us, we advise them to contact their bank to block additional charges.

Thrivous Is the Clarity You Want

If you found your way to this webpage because you're looking for a REAL cognitive health supplement, with REAL product reviews, from a REAL company, then you've finally come to the right place.

Thrivous Clarity is a premium quality brain supplement, formulated with the most effective natural nootropics with the greatest potential to enhance memory, focus, and mood, and to support healthy brain function. If you'd like, you can read many real reviews from real customers at the bottom of the product webpage. We include both positive and negative reviews from verified customers.

However, we recommend that you give more attention to the science and quality behind the product. We share both transparently and prominently. On the product webpage, you'll find a link to download our summary of clinical studies from real scientists, which you can verify on government websites like PubMed. And you'll find a link to download our certificate of analysis and quality from our suppliers, manufacturing, and third-party testers, who you can verify by contacting them directly, if you'd like.

In addition, although Clarity is a premium product, we offer value pricing. Our goal is to help people like you access technology with the greatest potential to improve their brains and bodies. And access requires not only availability, but also affordability. So we set our prices accordingly. To the best of my knowledge, Clarity and other Thrivous nootropics are the most valuable brain health supplements on the market anywhere in the world, on a dose-per-dollar basis for combinations of the most effective nootropic nutrients.

Finally, if you're looking for some reassurance that we are who we claim to be, you can check out Thrivous at the Better Business Bureau. Currently, we have an A+ rating there. We've earned that rating by providing quality products and by serving our customers with fairness and honesty. And we fully intend to continue doing that.

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