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24 May 2024
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At Thrivous, we believe in the transformative power of science. "Better Science" is a foundational principle that guides everything we do.

We use the best available science to develop advanced supplements that provide the greatest potential for human enhancement. Our nootropic and geroprotector supplements are crafted to enhance mental ability and promote healthy life extension. All our efforts are rooted in rigorous scientific methodologies.

Evidence-Based Formulations

Our commitment to science ensures that each Thrivous supplement contains only nutrients and doses supported by high levels of evidence. We rely on multiple clinical studies on humans for safety and efficacy.

We avoid experimental substances and "placebo dust." Instead, we opt for ingredients with proven benefits and doses with proven benefits. If an ingredient at a particular dose doesn't have multiple peer-reviewed placebo-controlled human studies showing efficacy and safety, we don't use it.

While we recognize the value of dedicated clinical studies for specific formulas, we also understand the need for practical flexibility. Dedicated studies require rigid formulas that cannot respond quickly to the accelerating accumulation of relevant clinical studies. So our primary approach is continuous improvement that relies on existing robust studies that cover individual nutrients and some nutrient combinations.

Placebo-Controlled Human Studies

Peer-reviewed placebo-controlled human studies are the gold standard in health science. They provide the most reliable evidence of a supplement's efficacy and safety.

Peer review ensures that the research methods and conclusions have been critically evaluated by independent experts. This reduces the risk of bias and error.

Placebo-controlled studies compare the effects of the active ingredient to a placebo. This helps confirm that the observed benefits are due to the supplement itself and not psychological factors or other variables.

Human studies are essential because results from animal studies or lab experiments may not directly apply to human health. By relying on this high standard of evidence, we ensure that our supplements are both effective and safe.

Experimental Placebo Dust Danger

Consumers should be wary of supplement vendors that use experimental substances or placebo dust doses.

Experimental substances lack sufficient evidence from peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled human studies to prove their efficacy and safety. Using such substances can pose significant health risks. Their short-term and long-term effects are unknown.

Vendors that include placebo dust doses — amounts too small to have any real effect — mislead consumers. They make you believe you are receiving beneficial nutrients when you are not. This practice not only wastes money but also undermines trust. And it can delay the use of effective supplements.

Rigorous Selection Process

We select each nutrient and dose through a meticulous process based on decades of clinical research. Our sophisticated algorithms rank hundreds of nutrients by evidence, safety, and efficacy. We then choose only the highest-ranking supplements for our formulas. This ensures that only the best make it into our products.

Our development process is strategic. We group top-ranked nutrients by complementary functions to create synergistic formulas. For example, the combination of Caffeine and L Theanine in Surge Acute Nootropic is designed to maximize cognitive benefits while minimizing side effects. Similarly, the pairing of Bacopa and Rhodiola in Clarity Daily Nootropic offers superior convenience and affordability by delivering these powerful nutrients together.

We also take a holistic approach to our formulations. We carefully consider known interactions between nutrients, other supplements, and medicines. This ensures that our combinations are both safe and effective. This comprehensive evaluation helps us create supplements that provide maximum benefit with minimal risk.

Commitment to Transparency

Transparency is one of our core values. Every Thrivous supplement features an open-source formula. We clearly list all ingredients and doses on the product label. We believe you have the right to know exactly what you're putting into your body.

We also publish summaries of clinical studies for each product on our website. They provide citations and brief descriptions of all the scientific studies on which the formula is based. This allows you to make well-informed decisions based on first-hand familiarity with solid scientific evidence.

Science Reviews and Endorsements

In Thrivous product reviews, customers and third-parties consistently praise our supplements for their effectiveness and scientific backing. Here are a few highlights:

  • Reddit Nootropics Group (231,000+ members): "Thrivous seems to be a reliable supplier. Thrivous has documentation showing they've adequately tested their products and they seem to be doing their due diligence to make sure their products are safe and accurately represented."
  • Highya (up to 1.731M monthly visitors): "Compared to the vast majority of other nootropic supplements we’ve researched over the years, we think it’s positive that we know exactly who manufactures Clarity (as well as the individuals behind the company), the exact ingredients (and amounts) it contains, the fact that it contains the recommended dosing for each of its ingredients, and the straightforward pricing. … In the end, it’s not often that we see all of these positive aspects in a single nutritional supplement."
  • Fitness Clone (up to 168K monthly visitors): "Thrivous does a very good job of proving its claims. Their product contains components that are backed by science, many of which have also been used successfully since ancient times ..."
  • Dr. Cory Funk (Thrivous science advisor): "I have enjoyed taking the complete Thrivous Stack for over a year. First and foremost, I know it contains many compounds that have been shown to improve human health and cognition. That alone gives me peace of mind. As we are all N-of-one experiments, I can say that my experience has been that I feel like the stack provides me with greater cognitive reserve and resilience to the typical stresses of life."
  • Dr. David Dayton (Thrivous science advisor): "I've been taking the Thrivous stack for a couple of years now. The thing that gives me the most confidence about this stack is how rigorous the company is when it comes to selecting empirically-validated nutrients – there is a high bar for which ingredients can and cannot be included. I also like how the stacks are combined and organized by function. The payoff of consistent use has been increased focus, calmness, and energy."

Science over Testimonial

While customer reviews, testimonials, and influencer endorsements can provide useful insights, they are not a substitute for scientific evidence. Personal experiences are subjective and can be influenced by various factors, including psychological expectations and placebo effects. Testimonials can also be selective, highlighting only positive experiences while ignoring negative ones.

Influencers, though popular, may lack the scientific expertise to evaluate the efficacy and safety of supplements. They often promote products based on sponsorship deals rather than rigorous scientific evaluation. This can lead to biased recommendations that do not necessarily reflect the true value of the product.

Science, on the other hand, relies on objective, systematic investigation and verification. Peer-reviewed placebo-controlled human studies are designed to eliminate bias and provide reliable evidence of a supplement’s efficacy and safety. This rigorous approach ensures that the benefits of our supplements are real and reproducible, providing a solid foundation for trust and credibility.


At Thrivous, "Better Science" is more than a slogan — it's a guiding principle. Through our evidence-based formulations, rigorous selection processes, and unwavering commitment to transparency, we set the highest standards in the supplement industry.

Our dedication to science is essential to our mission, to help you access technology with the greatest potential to improve your brain and body, in a way that you can trust. In a supplement market filled with shady actors, lying suppliers, and lazy manufacturers, Thrivous stands out as a beacon of scientific integrity and efficacy. Trust in Thrivous is trust in better science for a better life.

Experience the benefits of better science today. Visit the Thrivous store to learn more and try our advanced supplements. Make the smart choice. We guarantee your happiness.

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