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This Supplement Enhances Swimming Performance

Updated 14 May 2024
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Swimming Athlete

In a recent clinical study, researchers investigated the impact of caffeine on female swimmers' performance, particularly in sprint time in simulated freestyle competitions and vertical jump capacity. The study aimed to understand whether caffeine could serve as an effective ergogenic aid for athletes, especially swimmers.

The study employed a double-blind, cross-over design with eight moderately trained female swimmers. Each participant ingested a caffeine dose of 6 mg/kg body weight or a placebo before undergoing performance tests like vertical jumps, balance, auditory reaction time, and freestyle swimming sprints of 25m and 50m.

Caffeine significantly reduced the sprint times in both the 25m and 50m simulated freestyle swimming competitions. However, no significant improvements were noted in the vertical jump performance or other measured parameters.

Given the study's results, it suggests that caffeine could be incorporated into swimmers’ nutrition plans to potentially improve short-distance swimming performances.

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