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Caffeine Boosts E-Sport Performance

27 February 2024
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The realm of e-sports has emerged as an incredibly competitive and mentally demanding battlefield, inviting comparisons with traditional sports in terms of the levels of skill and concentration required. As a result, e-sport athletes are constantly looking for lawful ways to sharpen their mental acuity and enhance performance during high-stakes tournaments.

A recent clinical study delves into how caffeine, a widely consumed stimulant, may offer cognitive benefits to these virtual competitors. The study's findings are particularly intriguing for e-sport enthusiasts, professional players, and those in the gaming industry, and can potentially influence the nutritional strategies employed by players before competitions.

Study Design

The clinical study utilized a single-blind, repeated-measure, crossover design. Participants were randomized to receive either a caffeine capsule or a placebo, with a washout period of 7 days between treatments. Before the trial, subjects underwent several familiarization tests tied to cognitive function and shooting performance. The study aimed to examine the potential enhancements in cognitive abilities and shooting performance following caffeine consumption, particularly through the lens of players' Stroop task performance, a measure for cognitive interference and processing speed.

Nine male e-sport athletes from national training centers with experience in international first-person shooter competitions were recruited for the trial. Notably, the study excluded female participants to avoid menstrual cycle effects on performance metrics. Participants were also screened to confirm a stable intake of caffeine prior to the study, to avoid any confounding effects of habitual consumption on the study's results. Dosages were calculated based on individual body weight, and the trials were conducted in a controlled e-sport environment to simulate actual gaming conditions.

Study Results

The outcome of the clinical trial was unambiguous: caffeine intake had a positive impact on cognitive test results and e-sport shooting performance. More precisely, the Stroop task reaction times were shorter in the caffeine condition compared to placebo, especially with congruent pairings where the word meaning matched the font color.

This suggests a heightened state of cognitive focus and faster processing speed under the influence of caffeine. In addition, improved shooting performance was evidenced by increased accuracy and reduced target engagement times. The magnitude of these benefits was quantified with moderate to large effect sizes, reinforcing the practical significance of caffeine as an ergogenic aid for e-sports players.

However, the study did not find significant changes in reaction times for more complex incongruent stimuli during the Stroop task for the caffeine group. This suggests that while caffeine can enhance certain aspects of cognitive function, its impact on more intricate cognitive processing may be limited or more difficult to discern in the context of e-sport performance.


For healthy individuals and avid gamers considering the use of Thrivous supplements, the study's insights could be quite valuable. The results indicate that a pre-game caffeine dose, calibrated to one's body weight, could improve certain cognitive functions related to e-sport competitiveness. Specifically, a dose of 3 mg/kg of caffeine consumed roughly an hour before gameplay may enhance visual search ability, reaction time, and overall gaming performance. These improvements could confer a competitive edge during e-sport tournaments.

However, it is crucial to take into account individual sensitivity to caffeine and one's existing dietary habits. Adjusting caffeine intake to avoid side effects such as jitteriness or increased anxiety is essential. Furthermore, long-term reliance on stimulants for performance enhancement should be carefully managed to avoid potential health risks and ensure sustainability within intensely competitive environments like professional e-sports. As with any supplement regimen, consultation with a healthcare professional is advised to ensure safety and effectiveness.

The study represents a promising step towards understanding the nuanced role nutritional supplements can play in cognitive and physical performance enhancement. As the scientific community continues to explore these frontiers, it's an exciting time for those looking to optimize their health and capabilities, especially within the rapidly evolving sphere of human enhancement technologies.

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