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Caffeine Today, and Choline for Many Tomorrows

9 May 2020
Connie Packer

Now and Later

How have you been handling quarantine? I feel like people have become more aware of the many facets of their health. I’ve noticed people tackling recent weight gain, trying new plant-based recipes, experimenting with a garden, exploring new workouts, and spending time in introspection, making goals, or educating their minds.

My household has enjoyed schooling together, taking walks, and clearing a dedicated garden area. It will be nice to not have to hide vegetable plants among the flowers in my front yard anymore. The recent mild weather has allowed us to enjoy dinner outside most evenings.

It’s time to evaluate what is going well with our bodies and what can use some enhancement.

Caffeine Plus Blueberry Increases Energy Use

New Study: Acute Ingestion of a Mixed Flavonoid and Caffeine Supplement Increases Energy Expenditure and Fat Oxidation in Adult Women: A Randomized, Crossover Clinical Trial

These researchers saw published evidence that flavonoid intake is associated with lower body weight and less fat gain. And they wanted to measure the effect of flavonoid and caffeine supplementation on energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

This study involved nineteen premenopausal women who took a placebo or a mixed flavonoid and caffeine supplement for 4 weeks. The supplement contained 200 mg vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), 208 mg quercetin, green tea leaf extract with 368 mg flavon-3-ols (this likely had theanine in it), wild bilberry fruit extract with 128 mg anthocyanin, 214 mg caffeine, and 120 mg omega 3 fatty acids.

Energy expenditure and oxygen consumption were higher in the supplemented group, except during sleep. There was a trend that suggested increased fat oxidation may have contributed to higher oxygen consumption, though the measurements were not statistically significant. The group taking the supplement expended 3% more calories, which was about 46 more calories, during the 22 hour test.

Genetic information of the participants was also analyzed (the CYP1A2 gene). There was no significant difference in energy expenditure between the polymorphism for slow caffeine metabolism and the other polymorphisms.

While there was a measured difference between the groups, note the difference was only 3%. This is about 60 kcal for a 2000 calorie diet, which corresponds to a half cup of peas. I wouldn’t use this to justify poor diet choices, but small changes can add up over time.

Caffeine Plus Theanine Enhances Performance

New Study: Effects of acute caffeine, theanine and tyrosine supplementation on mental and physical performance in athletes

The researchers recognized how caffeine and theanine supplements enhance mental performance. And they sought to see if a mixture of caffeine, theanine, and tyrosine could enhance the mental and physical performance in athletes. Tyrosine is involved in some of the same pathways as theanine and caffeine but discussion of its evidence has been limited.

This study involved twenty current or former, yet still active, male collegiate athletes taking a placebo or a supplement an hour prior to completing a battery of physical and cognitive tests. The contents of the supplement were hidden behind a statement of it being a “proprietary blend” but stated it provided approximately 1 mg caffeine per kg bodyweight.

When not moving, accuracy improved with supplementation. When moving, the average hit time and accuracy improved with supplementation. The researchers concluded that the combination may provide ergogenic effects in sports where rapid and accurate responses are required while moving.

Although little basis was given for adding the tyrosine, it was most disturbing that the contents of the supplement were concealed. The manufacturer was unwilling to contribute to the same body of evidence it benefited from when designing the supplement. I also refuse to take any supplement that doesn’t precisely list its contents. With caffeine, I especially want to know the amount I’m taking.

Choline Supports Cognition for Better Aging

New Study: Associations of dietary choline intake with risk of incident dementia and with cognitive performance: the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study

This study is interesting because it looked at the influence of diet on cognitive function over 20 years later! The Finnish Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study took place in 1984-1989. Four years after the completion of the study, 482 of those men completed a series of cognitive tests and genetic testing. Some 17 years after that, a follow-up determined who was diagnosed with dementia.

Total choline and phosphotidylcholine intakes were associated with better performance in verbal fluency and memory functions. Those with phosphatidylcholine intake in the highest quartile had 28% lower risk of dementia than those with intake in the lowest quartile. The researchers found that the APOE genetic phenotype had little to no impact on the relationship between choline and cognitive test scores.

What you are putting in your body now may impact your memory 20 years from now.


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