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Discover the Health and Cognitive Benefits of Meditating

Updated 26 July 2017
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Meditating has undeniable health benefits that make your body and mind feel their very best. Getting into a routine and rhythm with meditation can help you to experience your better health and cognitive function. If you’re curious about how meditation can provide these wonderful effects, read on to learn more on how meditation rewires your body and mind for healthier living.

Physical Benefits of Meditation

The physical benefits of meditating are many. Because meditation slows your heart rate, regulates your breathing and lowers your overall stress level, your body’s various systems respond favorably to this activity. When you meditate, be sure to do it in a quiet place and on a regular routine in order to unlock the benefits of meditation. Establish a daily routine that allows you to unwind and enjoy your new-found hobby.

Relaxation and Calm

Meditation enthusiasts and researchers alike can vouch to the relaxing qualities of a good meditation session. From reducing your heart rate to calming your mind, the relaxing qualities of even one good meditation session can boost your positive feelings for the rest of the day. Being more relaxed and calm as you go about your daily activity brings mental clarity and decision-making acuity that helps you to plow through problems at work and home. It also promotes happier moods that can go a long way in giving you a positive outlook and helping your interpersonal relationships.

Effective Body Functionality

In a way, meditation works a little like a body system reset. It brings balance to your hormone levels and encourages healing throughout your entire body. Things like lower blood pressure and heart rate are healthy for every system in your body, thereby reducing stress and blood flow volume for a more balanced response. Additionally, micro-healing can begin when your body slows down enough to settle your various systems.

Changes in Brain Chemistry

The biggest benefits of meditation come from the brain boost that the practice delivers each time you finish a session. Meditation has long been known as a way to rewire your thinking and establish healthy cognitive function.

Reduce the Impact of the “Me” Center

One of the most-studied effects of long-term meditation is the ability that the practice has to reroute thoughts away from the brain’s “Me” center. What does this mean? Normally, your brain perceives things that happen to you as how they relate to you. Will a bad thing impact you? Will a good thing benefit you? This naturally sets us up to evaluate circumstances and relationships by how beneficial they are to us, and limits our thinking with biases through which we view the world.

Repeat meditation works to reverse thoughts entering your mind and send them away from your “Me” center to other processing areas that allow you to more objectively view situations and people. MRI studies show that people who meditate actually have different brain chemistry than those who do not.

Improve Attention

Repeat meditative activities help you to achieve improved attention, which certainly comes in handy at work or when you’re visiting with particularly long-winded relatives over the holiday. Since meditation forces you to shut down your thought chatter and center your feelings, this trains you to focus your attention in other areas of your life as well.

Expand Memory

Clearing your mind through meditative practice gives you the ability to expand your memory and solidify the pathways that creates short-term memories. Even after meditating, you can benefit from these improved connections and remember names at your meeting later in the day or your spouse’s coffee order without asking them to repeat it.

Meditation is proven to be useful for students studying for exams and executives facing high-stress scenarios where memory is an important factor. If you’ve got an important event coming up, consider meditation as a way to help you remember all your essential information.

Limit Cognitive Decline

Over time, the beneficial qualities of repeated meditation help to stop the natural effects of aging and may work to limit cognitive decline in the long term. Rewiring your thoughts from the “Me” center, focusing your attention and strengthening your memory are all important ways to prevent memory loss that accompanies aging.

Nootropics Can Help

If meditation isn’t delivering the improved cognitive function that you desire or you’re a meditation newbie who needs some time to strengthen your meditative muscle, nootropics can help you to achieve the mental clarity that you need today.

Potential Benefits

Choose nootropics to help you navigate situations at work and blow your superiors away with your focus and clarity. Use nootropics to help you plow through exam week with straight A's. Use it to combat the metal clarity issues that accompany other life circumstances, like illness or sleep deprivation.

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