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Enhance Heart Longevity with Thrivous Omega

10 February 2022
Jae Haroldsen


Hitting the half-century mark led me to seriously contemplate the type of life I want in retirement. If I really am going to backpack, long-distance bike, wilderness canoe, travel, and be the cool granny that enjoys the water park with her grandkids, I need to prioritize my health now.

Too often, we put off healthy choices. We say things like, "tomorrow I will eat salad, but tonight I want a burger and fries." Or we say, "when things slow down, I will exercise every day."

Vehicle Longevity

My husband loves to see how many total miles he can put on a car. To get 300,000 or more miles, you have to start with a reliable and durable car. Then give it proper timely maintenance, and drive it gently.

Our bodies are the ultimate machine, lasting almost 100 years depending on genetics and how we treat them.

Antique Car

American Heart Association Recommendations

“A healthy diet and lifestyle are the keys to preventing and managing cardiovascular disease. Remember, it is the overall pattern of your choices that counts.” - American Heart Association (AHA)

It's just like maintaining a car for longevity, starting from day one. The cumulative effects of daily choices, starting now, determine the health factors you may face with age.

Studies indicate that regular consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids (found abundantly in cold-water fish) suppresses the build-up of inflammation. Over time, inflammation plays devastating roles in cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and other geriatric concerns.

To combat inflammation, AHA recommends consuming three ounces of fatty fish twice a week. Examples include Salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines, and anchovies. Do you like, let alone eat, two servings of cold-water fish a week?

You Do You

Face it. If you don’t like fish, or don't have the time, you won’t eat fish -- no matter how good it is for you. The best way to age with grace and promote long-term health is to know yourself.

I have never liked running. When I decided (at age 39) my only option to lose weight was to run, I crashed and burned. A month of running put me in a worse place physically and mentally than if I had played to my strengths and went back to lifting weights and hiking and biking for pleasure.

Starting a new lifestyle regime is not sustainable if you don't like it. Thankfully, when it comes to nutrition, dietary supplements can fill nutrition gaps to provide regular maintenance.

Omega Supplement

Supplements Offer Support

“A dietary supplement is a product taken by mouth that contains a ‘dietary ingredient’ intended to supplement the diet.” - US Food and Drug Administration

Chemical reactions make everything in our bodies possible, from cognitive processing to digestion to removing dangerous free radicals. Sufficient nutrients keep things operating smoothly.

Supplements harness the power of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and botanicals. They distill a recommended nutrient serving into a pill, capsule, powder, gummy, tablet, or liquid. Supplements can be powerful medicine based on the ingredients, dosage, and purity.

Finding a Supplement Brand You Can Trust

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates supplements more like food than drugs. They aren't intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. And supplements are marketed without FDA approval. The FDA only removes marketed supplements after establishing that a supplement is unsafe or labeled with false or misleading claims.

Your well-being and budget are on the line. How can you know if a supplement is safe and effective?

These five queries can help you determine supplements that are honestly produced with the highest quality ingredients to meet desired outcomes.

1. Complete Disclosure of Ingredients with Exact Dosages

The most elementary indicator of quality is the nutrition label. A high-quality supplement lists all ingredients and exact dosages by name.

Listing a blend of ingredients (contained in so many milligrams) gives a fuzzy indication of dosage amounts. The FDA requires ingredients to be listed in descending order by weight. However, there is no way to know if any single ingredient is contained in an effective dosage amount when given in a blend.

2. The Potency of Ingredients and Standardized Extracts

Not all supplements contain pure and standardized components. Does the brand give information on the nutrition label or their website concerning ingredient sources or standardized extracts? Superior supplements use the most reputable and sustainable ingredient sources.

3. Manufacturing and Laboratory Testing

The FDA requires supplements to be manufactured under current good manufacturing practices (GMP), including proper safety, identity, and potency testing of raw ingredients and final product. The supplement label must include the name and address of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor.

Third-party GMP certification or specialty certifications are indications of a quality supplement. In addition, the better business bureau red flags brands and manufacturers with fraudulent histories.

4. Scientific and Clinical Backup

The FDA requires clear scientific evidence linking the supplement’s components to the targeted disease to make a health claim. For example, the FDA announced in 2019 that a supplement containing more than 0.8 grams of combined EPA and DHA (components of fish oil) can claim the product “may reduce the risk of hypertension and coronary heart disease.”

Does the supplement offer scientific and clinical references to educate and identify the connection between the ingredients and the benefits they claim?

5. Effective Dosages

Effective dosage is closely related to scientific evidence. Along with using placebo control methods, clinical trials use standardized extracts at given dosages. By varying the dose, researchers determine the concentration where maximum benefits are realized.

Does the supplement contain researched-back dosage levels to provide the sought-after health benefit? A simple google search helps determine appropriate levels for given substances and benefits. Or you can check the "How to Take" section on the website, which provides an independent analysis of nutrition and supplements.

Thrivous, the Human Enhancement Company

Thrivous harnesses biotechnology to develop geroprotector supplements to support healthy aging and quality life longevity. Before developing a supplement formula, Thrivous carefully considers scientific research to determine the right combinations and dosages of ingredients to support a given system.

Thrivous supplements are manufactured under third-party GMP certification through NSF International. Raw ingredients are procured from reputable sources that test each nutrient for identity, potency, and safety (microbes and heavy metals). Once ingredients are received and before manufacturing, Thrivous has a third-party lab retest raw ingredients to ensure safety and efficacy. The final product is then tested to confirm safety and dosages before being marketed.

Thrivous’ transparency means consumers have the information they need to make decisions that affect their long-term health. In that vein, Thrivous supplements list all ingredients with their associated doses and the ingredient sources right on the nutritional fact label.

Omega Strength

Thrivous Omega Cardioprotector

If you desire an active retirement, start working toward it now. Supplements can support your dreams and complement your healthy choices. The right supplement ensures your body has every nutrient it needs to keep purring in fine form.

Thrivous Omega enhances cardiovascular function by fighting inflammation, reducing triglycerides, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, and improving circulation. Omega accomplishes this with five science-backed ingredients.

Omega-3 Lysine Complex - 556 mg (AvailOm® 30% EPA, 15% DHA)

High triglycerides levels are linked to the hardening and thickening of arteries. Thickened arteries increase risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Studies indicate 3-4 g/day of omega-3 fatty acids helps reduce triglyceride levels by suppressing tissue inflammation.

For anyone who does not like the taste of fish (or fishy burps from supplements), Omega-3 Lysine Complex is a complete fish oil alternative. Omega-3 Lysine Complex is 5 times more bioavailable than fish oil. That means the body readily absorbs and uses the EPA and DHA in Omega-3 Lysine Complex. Improved bioavailability decreases the amount of EPA and DHA required for the same benefits.

Garlic Bulb Extract (1% Allicin) 300 mg

Garlic reliably lowers total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL), and blood pressure levels (all common risk factors for cardiovascular disease). The molecule allicin is responsible for garlic’s overpowering smell and taste and is the mechanism behind its benefits, too.

A meta-analysis of garlic supplementation studies indicated 3.6 to 7.8 mg allicin daily helped relax blood vessels to support cardiovascular functioning.

Centella Asiatica Extract 60 mg (Gotu Kola 80%Triterpene)

Clinical trials show a consistent, notable improvement in microcirculation with centella asiatica supplementation. Taken at dosages of 60-180 mg triterpenoid, Centella Asiatica may help improve symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency, including swelling in the ankles and legs.

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract 50 mg (Oligopin® 67% Procyanidin)

Pine Bark’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties may support the cardiovascular system. A 2019 meta-analysis (of 14 studies) showed pycnogenols (found in pine bark) may help increase HDL “good” cholesterol levels but not affect total cholesterol levels.

Olive Leaf Extract (Oleuropein 30%) 40 mg

Although olive oil may help reduce cholesterol, it has other benefits to the cardiovascular system, too. Studies show a consistent and notable effect of small doses (40 mg) of olive leaf extract help reduce LDL ‘bad” cholesterol oxidation in artery walls. Cholesterol oxidation causes atherosclerosis or the build-up of plaque in arteries.

Heart Longevity with Thrivous Omega

My father and grandmother battled congestive heart failure. And I have two siblings and a grandmother who dealt with A-FIB. So I need to watch what I eat, exercise, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation.

Thrivous Omega's ingredients provide longevity maintenance. As a geroprotector, Omega works to make the cardiovascular system function in top form. Here's to a healthy and active retirement!

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