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Focus and Relax with Thrivous Clarity and Serenity Stack

3 September 2022
Jae Haroldsen

Focus and Relax

Do current worries and concerns have you wound up? Are they affecting your concentration or sleep patterns? In my family, such things have wreaked havoc for weeks, causing meltdowns and feelings of being trapped.

If you are restless, irritable, easily fatigued, have unexplained stomach pain or headaches, or cannot stem the flow of fearful thoughts, you are not alone. The pandemic, global contentions, supply chain issues, political strife, natural disasters, and other tensions have generated new levels of stress.

Are you seeking natural ways to quiet the mind? To enhance feeling calm? And to focus your mind and efforts?

Adding Thrivous Clarity and Serenity Stack to your daily routine incorporates scientifically-proven biochemical components to help improve mood, support cognition, fight fatigue, and enhance sleep quality. Clarity and Serenity Stack is designed to enhance mood and well-being along with supporting healthy aging.

Breaking Down the Stack

The ingredients contained in Thrivous Clarity and Thrivous Serenity have been subject to numerous clinical trials. Clinical trials use established scientific methods, techniques, and controls to generate reliable data. This includes selecting random participants, blind placebo controls, laboratory testing, and established evaluation measures.

Not surprisingly, some ingredients contained in Clarity and Serenity have been clinically shown to support the system in more than one way. Thrivous provides links to associated clinical research data on its website for both Clarity and Serenity for public perusal.

Here is a tabulated breakdown of the benefits of the ingredients contained in Thrivous Clarity and Serenity Stack.

Ingredient Mood Cognition Energy Sleep Healthy Aging
* L Theanine is well tolerated in large doses with no observed toxicity. Animal and human trials find improved sleep quality with 250-400 mg of daily L Theanine supplementation. ** Clarity contains 100% or more of the recommended daily value of every B Vitamin.
Bacopa Monnieri (Clarity 320 mg) X X
L Theanine* (Clarity 200 mg & Serenity 200 mg) X X X
Rhodiola Rosea (Clarity 170 mg) X X X
B Vitamins (Clarity**) X X
Zinc (Clarity 11 mg) X X
Ashwagandha (Serenity 300 mg) X X X
Magnesium (Serenity 150 mg) X X X
Melatonin (Serenity 5 mg) X X X

Thrivous formulations use the latest scientific research at clinically-proven effective dosages. Clarity and Serenity Stack provides the best vitamin, mineral, and herbal combination to enhance mood, cognition, and healthy brain aging.

Instead of hiding ingredient amounts in blends, Thrivous openly states product formulations for educated consumer consumption. Here at Thrivous, we believe informed consumers can better manage their well-being for healthy and happy living.

More in-depth information regarding the formulation of Clarity and Serenity can be found in these articles:

Make the Stack Work for You

Clarity and Serenity Stack works best when taken in the following manner:

  1. Morning Dose: Take 2 Clarity capsules with your first meal of the day. The ingredients in Clarity normally take effect within one hour. Clarity becomes most effective within 2-3 months of daily use. Clarity is designed to be taken daily.
  2. Evening Dose: Take 2 Serenity capsules approximately an hour before heading to bed. The ingredients in Serenity normally take effect within 1 hour. Serenity is designed to be used nightly.
  3. Performance Days: We all have days when we need to perform at our absolute best. These days include exam days, presentation days, competition days, audition days, etc. On performance days, link the power of Thrivous Clarity with Thrivous Surge for an additional energy and focus boost. Surge is designed to be used occasionally.

The Power of the Stack

Mental health looms large in my immediate family. Linking cognitive therapy strategies with the regular use of Ashwagandha, L Theanine, Magnesium, and Melatonin has significantly improved the sleep quality and overall well-being of many of my family members. Whew!

Thrivous Clarity and Thrivous Serenity make it simple to support mood, cognition, sleep, and healthy cognitive aging. Quiet, calm, and focus your mind today with Thrivous Clarity and Serenity Stack.

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