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Learn About the Health and Cognitive Benefits of Adequate Sleep

21 June 2017
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We all know that good sleep is a cornerstone of good health. For whatever reason - jobs, family, a desire to binge watch Netflix until the wee hours - the directive to get a good eight hours of sleep in often goes unheeded. The benefits of a good night’s rest are astounding. Discover the ways that adequate sleep can provide significant benefits for your body and mind. Hopefully, this information encourages you to put away the laptop and hit the bed a tad earlier tonight.

Stay Healthy

Your body requires a certain sleep threshold to keep itself in good repair. While you sleep, your body is hard at work repairing small injuries, fighting illnesses, and more.

Feel physically refreshed

One of the immediate benefits of a good night’s sleep is the physical refreshment that you feel the next morning. When your body can experience a full sleep cycle, including deep sleep and REM sleep, you feel rested and ready to take on any challenge the next day.

Ward off disease

Adequate sleep positively affects your ability to fight off chronic illnesses and dangerous diseases. People who don’t get enough sleep are at serious risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and weight issues including obesity.

Reduce your risk of injury

Being well-rested is essential for keeping a good grip on the tasks that you face the next day. When you’re too sleepy, you’re at much greater risk for getting yourself into an accident of some sort. Many car accidents are the result of drowsy driving, which is a result of sleep deprivation. You may not notice results of drowsy driving or machine operation until something tragic occurs. Further, your body’s coordination may not respond well to ordinary tasks. Imagine trying to walk up and down stairs, navigating your ordinary kitchen gadgets or even trying to chop meat for dinner. All of these things can lead to sprained muscles, cuts or injuries if you’re too tired.

Lose some weight

Good sleep can be one of your best allies in the battle to lose those extra pounds. Sleeping recharges your metabolism and promotes healthy digestion. You may notice some positive impact when you step on the scale.

Boost your immunity

Did you know that your immune system relies on good sleep as a way to recharge and take down any nasty bugs that you might have been exposed to during the day? That’s why you often feel more tired when are trying to fight off a cold or other illness. Without good sleep, your immune system is vulnerable to more illnesses. That’s bad news when it comes to cold and flu season.

Improve Cognitive Function

In addition to being great for your body systems, adequate sleep is also good for your brain. Emerging research indicates that adequate sleep is essential for keeping your brain in good working condition so that you can reach your best performance on the job and in other areas of your life.

Recharge your memory

Sleeping solidifies our memories, which may be in part to blame for the somewhat strange nature your dreams take on from night to night. Dreams are the unconscious way our brains store important memories that you obtained over the course of the previous day. Without proper sleep, you’re at risk of losing memories that you built during the day. If you’re preparing for a big test or need to ace the names of members in your board meeting, make sure you include a good night’s sleep as part of your study package.

Enhance understanding

Good sleep also improves your cognition, which helps you to understand complex ideas and communicate effectively. When you skimp on sleep, your brain functions at a lower level when you’re awake. That makes it more difficult to perform basic tasks and requires much more concentration to adequately get through normal work or study functions.

Jog your creativity

While sleep deprivation is shown to be useful for creativity in the short term, prolonged sleep loss impacts your creative process in a very negative way. Make sure you stock up on adequate sleep when you have important deadlines coming up.

If you’re working on an important project, make sure that you cut out the electronics a couple of hours before you plan on heading to bed to help you get the best sleep. Don’t let the allure of a third or fourth cup of coffee cause an evening indulgence that causes you to lose sleep later on in the day.

Nootropics can help

If you simply can’t avoid losing sleep because of a tight deadline or a new baby at home, nootropics can help you to achieve the cognitive function of a well-rested individual.

Get in gear

Use supplements like Clarity Daily Nootropic to spark your cognitive and creative processes so that you rock the boardroom or team meeting without letting on that you only got a couple of hours the night before.

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