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Mind Tech Pills Are Just Another Scam

1 April 2021
Jae Haroldsen

Scam Warning

The Mind Tech pill by Nootropic Technologies claims to be a smart pill. But it's more of a low-dose multivitamin according to its ingredients list. And it appears to come from the same people responsible for nootropic scams like Amazin' Brain.

Paid Ad

A paid AP News ad claims that Mind Tech Pills:

  • increase neuron transmission
  • improve mental processing speed
  • increase mental clarity
  • eliminate brain fog
  • protect from harmful free radicals
  • settle your emotions

The ad claims that the supplement provides these benefits even if you're overworked or had one too many the previous night. It also states that the product has undergone lab testing to ensure no harmful side effects to humans.

However, no scientific evidence or research is mentioned to back up any of their claims. And the only con listed in the ad is that supplies are low, so "grab yours while supplies last."

"Free" Trial Scam

To try to prevent complaints to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the paid ad describes the "free" trial conditions. For a shipping and handling cost of $6.94, you receive a 30 day supply of Mind Tech pills.

However, you must call customer support and cancel auto-shipping within 14 days. Or you pay the full $89.94 for the "free" product. And in 45 days, you will be charged for and shipped another bottle.

Mind Tech Pills Website
Mind Tech Pills Website

BBB Complaints

BBB lists a United States P. O. Box in Tampa, Florida, for Nootropic Technologies. The wording in the paid ad, the free-trial scam details, and at least one of the product websites are very similar to those for the Amazin' Brain scam. Amazin' Brain also happens to also be located in Tampa, Florida.

The BBB lists three alerts for Nootropic Technologies. These alerts are:

  1. The business has received a pattern of complaints involving unauthorized or unexpected charges and unresolved refund disputes. A number of the complaints testify how difficult it is to cancel an unwanted subscription and for the company to accept unopened returns.
  2. The business uses fake celebrity endorsements from Elon Musk and Ben Carson.
  3. The business has returns shipped to BT Shipping LLC in Tampa, Florida. A significant number of complaints have been filed with BBB for issues with refund payment for return products shipped to BT Shipping LLC.

Propriety Blend

Mind Tech's nutrition label lists a 642 mg propriety blend of smart drugs. Of the nineteen ingredients in the blend, only twelve provide nootropic benefits. These include:

With only 642 mg in the blend, Mind Tech's propriety blend is substantially below recommended levels for each cognitive enhancement ingredient. Healthy people are better off drinking a cup of coffee for short-term cognitive performance benefits.

Missing Key Nootropics

Mind Tech pills are missing one of the best dietary nootropic supplements to support cognitive function as we age. That's Ginkgo Biloba. A long term cohort study suggests that Ginkgo may support aging brain health by improving blood flow to the brain.

Other nootropic supplements with high levels of evidence for notable magnitudes of effect include Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea, L-Theanine, and Alpha GPC. So if you want to try nootropics with the greatest potential to enhance cognition, look for supplements that contain these ingredients.

Thrivous Clarity and Alpha Stack is a far better alternative to Mind Tech pills. In Thrivous supplements, each nutrient and each dose is backed by multiple human studies. All Thrivous supplements pass through multiple rounds of rigorous quality control. And Thrivous is serious about customer happiness, as reflected in its A+ rating at the BBB.

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