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Beware the Amazin Brain Supplement Scam

Updated 4 November 2020
Jae Haroldsen

Scam Warning

Amazin Brain is a dietary supplement that claims to boost memory and brain power while reducing stress and anxiety. They promote this product as giving the user a genius-level boost when tired, when having symptoms of brain fog, or even after a hard night drinking. But watch out! It may be dangerous and has all the signs of a scam.

Amazin Brain paid for a product review ad with AP News. In the ad, they claim the supplement “keeps your brain focused and healthy always and prevents brain cells damages due to free radicals.” However, nowhere in the ad or on Amazin Brain's website do they give evidence for their claims. In the ad, they state that overdosing on the formula must be avoided due to negative health effects, but they don’t identify possible side effects.

Amazin Brain Ingredients

The supplement facts label is available on Amazon. It says that Amazin Brain pills contain 2 mg of Folic Acid. Folic Acid helps manage depression and memory loss associated with aging.

However, the Amazin Brain product uses 500% of the recommended daily amount (RDA) of folic acid. The RDA of folic acid is 400 mcg. Prolonged exposure at 250% of folic acid's RDA has been linked to an increased rate of cancer, especially colon cancer.

Amazin Brain also contains 50 mcg of vitamin B12. Studies estimate 5-60% of people over age 65 are deficient in vitamin B12. A vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to anemia, damage to peripheral nerves, and cognitive impairment.

Amazin Brain also contains eight ingredients lumped together inside 640 mg. Because the individual amount of each of these eight ingredients is unknown, safe dosages cannot be determined. These eight ingredients include: 

  • Bacopa Monnieri is used in Ayurvedic medicine to boost brain function and improve memory power.
  • Ginkgo Biloba helps improve blood flow to the brain. And studies suggest that it may support brain health during aging.
  • DMAE is found in fish oil and is a natural fatty acid. A study of DMAE found that it did little to improve cognitive function for aging persons.
  • Phosphatidylserine is a fatty substance that covers and protects brain cells along with transmitting messages between brain cells.

Amazon sells Amazin Brain for $29.97 per a bottle containing 60 capsules. The label instructs users to take two capsules per day or as directed by your medical provider. If taking two capsules per day, as recommended, this supplement costs a dollar a day.

Amazin Brain Website
Amazin Brain Website

Amazin Brain Reviews

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports a pattern of complaints against the vendor of Amazin Brain. The complaints are twofold. First, consumers signed up for what was promoted as a free trial to find unexpected charges on their credit card. Second, Amazin Brain is using fake celebrity endorsements in its advertising on Facebook and Costco.

The BBB contacted Amazin Brain in March 2020 to address these complaints. They have not yet received a response.

Most tellingly, the Amazin Brain website design looks almost exactly like the designs of scam websites that Thrivous has reviewed in the past. It contains similar fake reviews. And the AP News ad is similar to the use of fake news to promote other scam websites. For examples, take a look at the review of Apollo Mental Clarity

Thrivous Is Better

If you’re looking for science-backed health supplements, Thrivous is a far better alternative. We develop nootropic supplements to enhance mental ability and geroprotector supplements to promote healthy aging. Each ingredient and each dose is based on multiple human studies. And each ingredient and their combination passes through multiple rounds of rigorous quality control.

Notably, Thrivous is completely transparent about science and quality. For each product, we publish a summary of clinical studies that provides citations and links to primary research. And we publish a certificate of analysis and quality that provides all test results from our suppliers, manufacturing, and third-parties. These are exceptional practices in the supplement industry.

In addition, customers love Thrivous. They give us glowing reviews. And we have an A+ rating at the BBB.

Here are a few Thrivous products that might interest you:

  • Clarity Daily Nootropic is designed to enhance memory, focus, and mood.
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