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Omega 3 Lysine Complex Is 5 Times Better

29 April 2021
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One of the most popular food supplements on the market today is fish oil. It packs an impressive wallop of omega-3 fatty acids, which many physicians see as vitally important for health and well-being.

The effectiveness of dietary supplements depends on your body's absorption. A recent study from the Netherlands is providing new insights into how to optimize this process.

What has the study concluded? Traditional fish oil tablets or capsules don't hold a candle to the absorption of omega-3 lysine complex. In fact, this new formulation translates into five times higher absorption!

Here's what else you need to know about omega-3 lysine complex.

Studying Easy to Process Fish Oils

How do you meet dietary needs for omega-3 fatty acids? The American Heart Association recommends eating between one and two portions of fish weekly.

But consuming this much isn't in the cards for everyone. Factors that limit fatty acid intake include geography, economics, and dietary preferences.

Some individuals may try to supplement solely with plant-derived free fatty acids. But does this prove as effective as fish oil? No.

Three main types of omega-3 fatty acids exist. They include fatty acids found in fish:

  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)
  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

Plants also contain the fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Unlike EPA and DHA, ALA doesn't prove as active in the body. For this reason, it must get converted into EPA or DHA. Only then can ALA provide the same health benefits.

But the human body's ability to convert ALA proves limited. We're talking only about five percent. That means you've got to load up on ALA-containing plants to even make a dent in your daily needs.

Of course, food supplements are only as effective as your body's ability to process them. But even traditional omega-3 fatty acid supplements have inherent absorption issues.

Most supplements come in oil-based ethyl-esters. The concentration and purification of DHA and EPA prove straightforward. But bioavailability could still use a boost to get the highest load possible.

Bioavailability and Your Health

What is bioavailability? The proportion of a supplement that enters your circulatory system.

A recent study has provided new insight into how the bioavailability of omega-3 works. It offers guidelines about dosage forms. It also offers insights into which free fatty acid supplements best support the body.

The study involved eight healthy women between the ages of 18 and 28 years old. Participants came from the area near Wageningen University.

Researchers screened for conditions that could impact bioavailability. They included:

  • Gastrointestinal conditions
  • Other illnesses impacting absorption
  • Medication use

Beyond these criteria, the women were randomly selected to take the omega-3 powder.

The study marks the first of its kind to consider how the oral absorption of DHA and the EPA in humans work. Researchers administered omega-3 fatty acids in the form of lysine salts.

Then, they monitored absorption rates. The results proved surprising and significant.

Omega-3 Lysine Complex Findings

What happened when subjects received omega-3 lysine complex on an empty stomach? They absorbed these free fatty acids more readily and rapidly than traditional formulations.

As it turns out, omega-3 lysine complex offered superior bioavailability. Three hours after consumption, subjects experienced the greatest spike in amino acid levels.

But the benefits didn't stop there. Omega-3 lysine complex still impacted the body 12 hours after consumption. Study subjects enjoyed significantly higher levels of DHA and EPA in their blood.

What do these findings suggest? The upper small intestines handle the body's fatty acid release and absorption mechanisms. Understanding timing and how it relates to the body's use of free fatty acids remains critical.

How did scientists stumble across the lysine absorption concept? They've long known about the effectiveness of salt formation. It increases the dissolution and solubility rates of certain supplements.

So, this concept isn't new. But it remained largely untested regarding fatty acids until this breakthrough study.

Why This Research Matters

Forty years ago, scientists discovered the far-ranging health implications of omega-3 fatty acids. They hypothesized that increased dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids would support well-being. Decades of investigation have backed up this hypothesis.

Cardiovascular health studies confirm myriad benefits of free fatty acid supplementation. Nevertheless, a controversy has brewed about the health efficacy of omega-3 fatty acids. Yet, these studies have failed to account for bioavailability.

That's what makes the Dutch research so exciting. It confirms omega-3 lysine's superiority to standard formulations of oil-based ethyl esters.

Advances in Bioavailability

How much more effective is the omega-3 lysine formulation? The bioavailability of fatty acids increased by more than five times. Now that's an impressive breakthrough!

Lysine salt appears to make all the difference in increased plasma levels of vital fatty acids, DHA and EPA. Omega-3 lysine complex also boasts additional technical properties. Some believe these properties will permit the creation of new product formulations at lower doses.

The Netherlands study comes with exciting new opportunities. Findings about lysine will enhance omega-3 supplementation. Whether you're an endurance athlete looking for performance support or an individual interested in dodging the aging bullet.

The Future of Aging

The implications of this research prove very exciting. After all, dietary supplementation with EPA and DHA has many positive health potentialities. Whether we're talking about cardiovascular health or anti-aging, free fatty acids remain vital.

Bioavailability represents one area of research that's helping people lead healthier, higher-quality lives. We'll keep monitoring this exciting area of research, providing you with the takeaways you need for optimal athletic performance and anti-aging solutions.

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