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Preworkout Supplements for Enhanced Cognition

15 April 2024
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Understanding the influence of nutritional supplements on exercise performance and cognitive function is valuable for athletes seeking an edge in their training and competition. This study explores the individual and combined effects of creatine and caffeine, two popular ingredients in pre-workout supplements.

Study Design

A randomized, double-blind, crossover trial was conducted. It included twelve resistance-trained male athletes who underwent a series of performance tests and cognitive assessments. The participants were divided into four groups, receiving either a placebo, creatine, caffeine, or a combination of both over a seven-day period.

Before and after supplementation, participants' exercise performance was evaluated through standard resistance exercises and anaerobic tests. Cognitive function was measured using the Stroop Word–Color Interference test. All trials were administered under controlled conditions to ensure reliable results.

Study Results

The study found that the combined intake of creatine and caffeine significantly improved cognitive function, especially in tasks involving cognitive interference. However, no substantial improvements were observed in short-term exercise performance for any of the supplement regimens.

The safety profile of the combined intake was confirmed, as there were no adverse effects reported during the trial. These findings are crucial for athletes considering supplementation to enhance cognitive aspects related to sports performance, without the expectation of immediate improvements in physical exercise performance.


For healthy individuals using Thrivous supplements, the study suggests potential cognitive benefits from combining creatine with caffeine. Although this combination did not significantly enhance exercise performance within the scope of this study, the cognitive improvements observed might offer indirect long-term benefits to training adaptability and competition readiness.

It is recommended that users consider their personal tolerance and consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplementation protocol. Moreover, maintaining a balanced diet and consistent training routine remains essential for achieving optimal athletic performance.

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