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This Supplement Combo Enhances Joint Function

25 September 2023
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Joint discomfort occurs because of factors like aging and unhealthy lifestyles. There are ways to enhance joint comfort, like not overworking your joints and staying healthy with exercise and good nutrition. The most common type of joint discomfort is in the knee. And it affects a lot of people worldwide.

In an effort to move better, some people get physical therapy. And some people use medicines like painkillers, but these can have side effects.

Some scientists have been looking for supplements that can support joint health and enhance comfort without side effects. One thing they're studying is Omega 3 Lysine Complex, which is a strong form of Omega 3 fatty acids derived from fish. Another thing they're looking at is a substance from a plant called Boswellia Serrata.

The scientists recently published a study:

Efficacy of Boswellia serrata Extract and/or an Omega-3-Based Product for Improving Pain and Function in People Older Than 40 Years with Persistent Knee Pain: A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Clinical Trial

Study Design

The scientists recruited 130 participants between 40 and 75 years old who had ongoing knee discomfort. To qualify, the participants couldn't be using any medicines for joint pain. And they couldn't have any disease states that would affect study results. They also had to be willing to take supplements and not change their diet.

The scientists gave different participants one of four different supplements. The first was a combination of Omega 3 Lysine Complex and Boswellia Serrata. Others were just Boswellia, and just Omega 3. And the last was a fake supplement, or placebo.

Before participants started taking supplements, the scientists measured things like joint comfort, quality of life, and muscle strength. Then again, after participants had been taking the supplements for 60 days, the scientists measured again and checked for side effects.

Study Results

120 participants completed the study. There were 59 men and 61 women, with an average age of 51.2 years. And they were all similar in terms of their starting data like age, weight, and blood pressure.

The scientists found that all the groups showed improvement in their quality of life and joint comfort levels at the end of the study compared to the beginning. But the group that took both Omega 3 Lysine Complex and Boswellia Serrata had the most significant improvement.

The study also looked at muscle strength and found that the group that took both Omega 3 Lysine Complex and Boswellia Serrata had the most improvement in knee function. They also found that sleep quality improved in the group that took Omega 3 Lysine Complex.

Overall, the study suggests that taking Omega 3 Lysine Complex and Boswellia Serrata together may help improve quality of life, enhance joint comfort, increase muscle strength, and improve sleep quality.

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The supplements in Geroprotector Stack provide clinical doses of both Omega 3 Lysine Complex (AvailOm®) and Boswellia Serrata (ApresFlex®), along with complementary nutrients. Consequently, as indicated by this study, these supplements may help improve quality of life, enhance joint comfort, increase muscle strength, and improve sleep quality. Geroprotector Stack is available now for purchase in the Thrivous online store.

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