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This Supplement Enhances Brain Blood Flow

2 March 2023
Giulio Prisco


Scientists in Korea and Romania have analyzed the effects of garlic supplements on the blood vessels that form the vascular system.

The health of the vascular system is important. But aging is associated with decreased vascular function. And decreased vascular function may result in decreased blood flow in the brain, which is essential to healthy aging.

Aged or fermented garlic extract contains nitrite, which is converted to nitric oxide in the body. It improves vascular function through increasing the availability of nitric oxide in the vascular system.

Nitric oxide causes relaxation of vascular muscles. Its deficiency is associated with a decrease of antioxidants in the blood vessels, disturbed vasodilator and anticoagulant function, increased inflammation, and increased health risks.

Positive effects of fermented garlic extract on the vascular system of laboratory animals have been confirmed by earlier studies. With this study, the scientists wanted to confirm the effectiveness and safety of fermented garlic extract on human vasculature.

The fermented garlic extract used in this study was prepared as follows. First the skin was peeled from raw garlic. The garlic was then washed, sterilized, ground for 24 hours, and diluted with water. Then, bacteria were added to cause fermentation.

The fermentation process was carried out at body temperature for one month. And it ended when the concentration of nitrite in the fermentation broth reached appropriate levels. Finally, the fermented garlic was separated with a centrifuge and concentrated.

58 participants were enrolled in the study. They were adults older than 19 years who had not participated in any other clinical trials in the past 3 months and didn’t have medical conditions that could influence the results of the study. The participants were randomly divided into groups that received either a fermented garlic extract tablet containing 7 mg of nitrite, or a placebo.

The scientists measured blood pressure and several parameters related to the flow of blood in the body and the brain in all participants. This was done before and after ingesting the fermented garlic extract tablet or the placebo.

A major finding of this study included decreases in blood pressure after ingestion of fermented garlic extract. Another major result, which this study is likely the first to achieve, indicates increases in cerebral blood flow after ingestion of garlic supplements.

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