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This Supplement Powers Up the Brain with Choline

23 June 2023
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Egg Choline

The world's population is getting older. In part, this is due to decreasing birth rates. And it's also partly because people are living longer. But, as a result, more people are experiencing degraded cognition that commonly accompanies aging.

To optimize healthy aging, it's important to begin healthy practices early in life. Examples include adequate sleep, regular exercise, eating well, quitting smoking, and staying socially active. Optimized choline intake can also help enhance brain function for better aging.

Choline is important for brain function. Studies have shown that choline can increase levels of a brain chemical called acetylcholine, which is involved in memory. Studies have also shown that choline can improve memory and learning.

A new study investigated the effects of continuous choline intake on cognitive function in healthy middle-aged people. The report is titled, "Effects of egg yolk choline intake on cognitive functions and plasma choline levels in healthy middle-aged and older Japanese: a randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled parallel-group study."

Study Design

In this study, researchers wanted to see if taking choline supplements could improve cognitive function in older people. The supplements were derived from egg yolk. And they provided choline in various forms, including Alpha GPC.

Researchers recruited 60 Japanese participants. The participants were middle-aged or elderly. And although healthy, they had concerns about their memory.

The participants were divided into two groups. One group received the choline supplements. The other group received fake supplements with no choline.

The researchers measured the participants' cognitive function, quality of life, and choline levels in their blood. They also conducted tests to assess attention and executive function. They asked the participants about their well-being. And they checked if the supplements were safe to use.

Study Results

After analyzing the data, the researchers compared the results between the two groups at different time points. Their goal was to see if there were any improvements in cognitive function.

The study found that the choline group had higher scores in verbal memory tests compared to the placebo group. Plasma choline levels were also higher in the choline group. There were no significant differences in other cognitive function tests.

The study suggests that consuming choline may enhance cognitive function in healthy individuals for better aging.

Thrivous Alpha

Thrivous develops Alpha Neuroprotector to enhance brain and nerve function for better aging. Each serving of Alpha provides a clinical dose of Alpha GPC, along with complementary nutrients. Alpha GPC is a highly bioavailable form of choline, which the body and brain can use efficiently. Thus, as suggested by this study, Thrivous Alpha may enhance cognitive function in healthy individuals for better aging.

Thrivous uses the best available science from decades of research to formulate Alpha and other geroprotector supplements. Each nutrient and their combination passes through rigorous quality control to verify purity, potency, and safety. And we publish all science, formula, supplier, and quality information publicly on our website -- a truly exceptional practice. Thrivous Alpha is available online now in the Thrivous store.

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