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Value Proposition of Nootropics for a College Student

16 January 2017
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College Student

As a college student, your sporadic schedule and late night hours combine with cheap pizza, wings, and other carb-laden fare to bring your energy levels crashing down. Hours upon hours filled with classes, projects, and studying with backsides seemingly locked in chairs or onto bean bags, add to your overall discomfort. Plus, the first years of free-range choice for many university students offer plenty of chances to expend energy. When added together, these factors do not paint a picture of health for undergrads. While the long breaks between classes and ample opportunities for activities and gyms work to inspire fit lifestyles, often the opposite reveals itself. Yes, the dreaded "freshman 15" and dark eye circles bring to light a different reality.

Nootropics Basics

Nootropics offer a viable solution to improving health in the typical college student. Natural and artificial versions of these nutrients come in the form of powders, liquids, and pills. Found in foods, supplements, and drugs, these potent brain boosters also go by the names "smart drugs," "cognitive enhancers" and "the limitless pill."

What They Can Do For You

The movie "Limitless" portrayed the powerful impact of an exaggerated Nootropic called NZT-48. The small, clear pill increased brain capacity and amplified intelligence of the main character. While nothing as potent as NZT-48 exists beyond Hollywood, Nootropics are popular, safe and effective as cognitive enhancers. To be considered a Nootropic, according to chemist Corneliu Giurgea, substances must offer:

  • Improved learning and memory
  • Resistance to brain disease
  • Improved mental processing
  • Resistance to brain injury
  • Improved focus and attention
  • Safe use

Stacking is More Effective

It is important to note that different Nootropics offer varying effects. Scientists may combine or “stack” them to work more effectively and achieve desired outcomes. For instance, complementary Nootropics for memory and focus or converse Nootropics for energy and relaxation may be taken together.

Consider Dosages and Quality

Also, adjusting dosages allows a student to receive the benefits desired. Pills work well for lesser needs while powders offer dosing flexibility. As with many supplements, dosing and effectiveness vary due to physical uniqueness among individuals as well as the degree to which lifestyle limits or promotes these substances naturally. There is a bit of caution that goes along with Nootropics. Being aware of the research to identify quality and beneficial Nootropics avoids the frauds.

Nootropics and the College Student

Reading the benefits of nootropics likely leads to the natural conclusion of the value of these substances for university students. After all, learning, memory, mental processing, focus, and attention are standard requirements for undergrads day in and day out. Let’s consider a few recommendations on how Nootropics meet the unique needs of university students.

Start with a Healthy Lifestyle

While the quest may seem imperfect, improving your diet, maintaining an exercise regimen and nurturing good sleep habits work best to boost academic performance. Many schools provide the tools to accomplish these goals, and students who take advantage of them reap the rewards. For instance, dining halls may offer the food varieties needed to gain these brain-boosting nutrients through diet, and fitness facilities with flexible hours offer workout opportunities.

Beyond Lifestyle with Nootropic Supplements

Nootropic supplements offer further health benefits for students when taken in addition to a healthy lifestyle. For instance, melatonin aids with symptoms of insomnia and jet lag, thereby addressing the stressed, uncertain and inconsistent sleep schedules of college students. Rhodiola Rosea decreases fatigue while increasing well-being, a need of every diligently working undergrad.

Guard Mental Health

On-campus resources offer help to students who need assistance when addressing issues of transition, homesickness, depression and other mental health concerns. Again, taking advantage of the services available demonstrates strength and improves the student experience. Keeping in touch with family and friends and meeting new friends builds social connections which guard against isolation. Finally, practicing stress reduction techniques and knowing the common signs of depression decrease these joy thieves on campus.

Furthermore, boosting mental health comes from Nootropics as well, particularly when combined with good-for-you life practices. For instance, poor mood, a common issue on college campuses, meets its match in zinc and fish oil. Ashwagandha decreases the stress that often accompanies academic rigor and testing as well as new and uncertain social interactions within the college years.

Stress, illness, mental health strains, physical depletion and less-than-ideal lifestyle choices drain the brain processes of university students. Nootropics boost mental and social functioning safely and effectively. Give Thrivous Nootropic Stack a try today to witness the results.

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