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Vigor Smart Is Not Smart

28 January 2021
Jae Haroldsen

Scam Warning

I thought I'd seen it all when it came to brain boosting supplement scams, with Amazin Brain and then SF180 Brain Pills. But the company's latest scam, Vigor Smart, takes the cake. When visiting the official website for Vigor Smart, I found the same verbiage, endorsements, graphics, and pictures as Amazin Brain and SF180 Brain Pills. However, the fake news page was worse.

Vigor Smart can kiss PR away for their fake press release. Using an “Entertainment Today” logo, their advertorial reports on 23 January 2021 that they got the “largest deal in Shark Tank history.” Supposedly, all five judges decided to invest more than a million dollars in the Vigor Smart supplement.

However, when searching Shark Tank's official blog site, Vigor Smart doesn't appear. The last nootropic featured on Shark Tank was in the 10 April 2020 episode. The blog states that investors, Mark and Lori, tend to shy away from investing in any company making health claims.

The maker of these brands lures consumers in with what appears to be 30-day free trial offers, with payment of shipping and handling via credit card. In a response to a Better Business Bureau complaint, Amazin Brain clarifies:

“We do not offer sample sizes or free gifts, we send you a full 30 day supply and allow you to try our products free for 14 days at only the cost of shipping and handling. If you do not cancel within trial, upon expiration you are billed the retail price of the products as well as enrolled in an automated shipping program.”

Vigor Smart Brain Supplement Website
Vigor Smart Brain Supplement Website

Vigor Smart's Mental Health Claims

Vigor Smart claims to be a natural formula revolutionary brain supplement. It claims to eliminate brain fog and reduce stress and anxiety. And it claims to improve memory, focus, mental energy, brainpower, and overall brain health.

However, nowhere on their site nor on could I find the nutrition label or ingredients of Vigor Smart. Nor could I find any listed side-effects like headache or dizziness. The front of the bottle shows it contains 700 mg total of L-Glutamine and Bacopa Monnieri.

L-Glutamine is a readily available amino acid in meat and dairy. It is taken orally to improve the physical health of someone suffering severe wounds, burns, sickle cell anemia, or surgery. It has no nootropics benefits.

Bacopa Monnieri is of Indian origin. It is used in Ayurveda medicine to improve cognitive functioning and memory by reducing stress. A daily supplement of Bacopa Monnieri has been shown to safely enhance cognitive performance.

What's Missing Tells a Bigger Story

Vigor Smart may be missing some of the most important nootropics, scientifically proven to enhance brain functioning.

Ginkgo Biloba improves blood flow to the brain to support healthy brain aging.

Phosphatidylserine is a fatty substance that helps protect brain cells, while increasing transmission capabilities between them.

The only thing about Vigor Smart that doesn't look the same as Amazin Brain or SF 180 Brain Pills is the cost. For 60 capsules, Amazon sells Amazin Brain for $29.97. SF 180 Brain Pills sells for $36.40. And Vigor Smart sells for $49.95.

That's less nootropic ingredients than either Amazin Brain or SF 180 Brain Pills for more money. Don't buy into this scam!

Thrivous Nootropics

If you're looking for nootropics to support healthy brain function and enhance cognition, Thrivous is a far better choice. Thrivous offers multiple nootropic products. They include Clarity Daily Nootropic to enhance memory, focus, and mood.

Clarity contains only effective nootropic nutrients and doses. Each nutrient and each dose is based on multiple human studies. And Thrivous shares all of them in a summary of clinical studies, which you can download and review.

Each bottle of Clarity passes through multiple rounds of rigorous quality control. Suppliers test the identity, potency, and safety of each nutrient. Third-party testers verify all test results with a second and third rounds of testing for each nutrient and their combination. And Thrivous publishes all of these test results in a certificate of analysis and quality, which you can download and review.

In addition to exceptional science and quality, Thrivous provides exceptional value. Each bottle of Clarity is priced to provide the highest ratio of dose over price on the market anywhere in the world. You can find less expensive nootropic supplements. But they all provide nutrients or doses with less scientific evidence.

Finally, Thrivous values your trust. That's why we publish extensive documentation on the science and quality of each product. That's why we verify and publish real reviews of each product. And that's why we have high ratings at consumer protection agencies, such as our A+ rating at the BBB.

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