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Where's the Real NZT-48 Limitless Pill?

23 October 2019
Giulio Prisco


You’ve probably heard of the new miracle drug NZT-48. It’s a nootropic that gives users a spectacular boost to brain function and mental ability, radically enhancing memory and intelligence.

We use only 10 percent of our brain in our normal state. But the brain on NZT-48 uses a full 100 percent of its potential. Therefore, this cognitive enhancer magnifies intelligence to superhuman levels and enables total recall.

NZT-48 users are able to access all of their memories, including memories that had been long forgotten (apparently). They’re able to correlate all of their memories with all available information to solve any problem. And they do it, apparently out of thin air, without effort.

With NZT-48, you’ll be able to absorb actionable information and sensory data at dazzling speed. You’ll learn a new language in a matter of hours.

You’ll assemble two Rubik's cubes in seconds, one with each hand. At the same time, you’ll negotiate a deal on Wall Street over the phone. And you’ll do it all while solving a complex math problem for your Silicon Valley friends in your head.

With NZT-48, you’ll be a walking supercomputer. But you’ll also be a charismatic person with unresistable persuasive powers. No one will be able to say “no” to you.

According to widespread rumors, the NZT-48 drug was first developed by rogue scientists in top-class biotech research labs. And the FBI and other federal agencies are secretly but very actively investigating it. NZT-48 is presently illegal and even difficult to find on the street. But there are dealers to be found, and fledgling groups of early users.

Believe the early users: the effects of NZT-48 are unbelievable.

That is, until they last.

The effects of one NZT-48 pill will last for about 12 hours. Afterwards, you’ll probably want more. But that’s not advisable. NZT-48 has very dangerous mental and physical side effects, which increase with long term use and eventually result in death.

However, Senator Edward Morra is rumored to use the nootropic regularly. He’s a controversial politician poised to win the next US presidential election. And he can cheat death thanks to a secret secondary drug that eliminates the side effects of NZT-48.

Now here's the BIG news. You’ll be able to buy NZT-48 and Morra’s enhancement from the Thrivous store real soon! ;)


Does NZT-48 Really Exist?

You’ve probably realized that NZT-48 is fictional.

It’s the nootropic featured in the Limitless movie and in the Limitless TV show. So people sometimes call it the “limitless pill” or “limitless drug.” But, officially, the limitless pill’s name is NZT-48.

Of course it doesn’t really exist. But it’s interesting to speculate on whether and when something like NZT-48 may be engineered.

Could a limitless pill exist in the future? Is a limitless pill possible? Is it reasonable to imagine that we’ll someday buy a limitless pill over the counter?

Some of today’s nootropics, including dietary supplements, can have a positive impact on mental well-being and cognitive function. For example, users of Thrivous Nootropic Stack have reported that they are more alert and focused.

Of course, personal observations are subjective. And it can be difficult or expensive to measure nootropic effects objectively. That’s why Thrivous bases its formulas on placebo controlled human studies that measure and report positive effects.

However, the effects reported by today's real scientists don't reach the magnitude of limitless pill effects, as portrayed in the TV series. And it seems likely that only a quantum leap in biotech could achieve such spectacular results.

Smart Drugs

Could NZT-48 Exist in the Future?

There are numerous examples of smart drugs in science fiction. For example, Ramez Naam has written a science fiction trilogy (Nexus, Crux, and Apex) centered on the fictional smart drug Nexus.

In 2040, rogue nanotech researchers have developed a drinkable and neuroactive substance, named Nexus. It’s taken limitless pill ingredients to the next level with nanobots. And the very illegal street drug is spreading like wildfire.

Nexus nanobots colonize the brain and boost in-brain communications and coherence, with effects somewhat similar to those of NZT-48. But the real breakthrough happens when neuroscientists build firmware and software layers on top of Nexus.

The software permits programming the nanobots in Nexus. And it becomes possible to fine-tune the drug’s native features to enable spectacular mental and physical (even sexual) feats. For example, Nexus programs can enable you to fight like a pro.

The nanobots are also capable of wireless communications with other Nexus nodes in another brain. And that opens the door to telepathic communications and the fusion of single minds into group minds.

Everyone wants Nexus: consumers, U.S. and Chinese military forces, drug cartels, and even Buddhist monks. The monks use Nexus for enhanced group meditation and, even more interesting, they learn how to program Nexus via meditation techniques.

The authorities try to contain Nexus, but fail. And, at the end of the first novel, new specs that significantly improve Nexus are posted to P2P networks. The following two novels follow the adventures of a varied cast of characters in a world that Nexus is changing fast.

If anything, a limitless pill drug like Nexus would be more powerful than NZT-48. And if Naam’s fictional timeline is plausible, we may have to wait only 20 years. Nexus ends with an appendix about the real science and emerging technology upon which the novels are based. “The next few decades will be more full of wonders than even the greatest science fiction,” concludes Naam.

Since the publication of Naam’s novels, research has picked up speed. Elon Musk’s Neuralink (see Pulse 9, 12, and 111) is one of several promising research initiatives.

Brain Computer Interface

Thrivous Nootropics Are Real

If you’re looking for something as powerful as NZT-48 today, you’re out of luck. So maybe you’ll wait, hoping for a day when that changes.

But not everyone is waiting. While some are content with wishful thinking, others are taking advantage of real nootropics that exist now.

They won’t transform you into a superintelligence.

But real nootropics have made measurable improvements to cognitive parameters in hundreds of placebo controlled clinical studies on humans. They have enhanced memory, focus, mood, attention, processing speed, and processing endurance.

And some of us take advantage of this. We’re able to work a little better and a little longer from day to day. And these incremental advantages add up to more substantial advantages over time.

To help you access nootropics with the greatest potential to enhance mental performance, Thrivous has developed several nootropic supplements:

Clarity, Serenity, and Alpha are sold together as Nootropic Stack.

Each of these nootropic supplements contains only nutrients and doses backed by multiple human studies. And each is also open source. The formula is fully disclosed on the label. And all quality control documents are published on the website.

NZT-48 is fiction. But Thrivous is real.

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