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PhenoAge is an algorithm that estimates the biological age of a person with specified biometrics. Biological age may be higher or lower than chronological age, or the length of time that a person has lived, thereby suggesting a relatively faster or slower rate of aging. The algorithm is based on the work of bioscientist Morgan Levine and collaborators, including Steve Horvath. It's the most cost-effective open-source science to calculate biological age.

Thrivous provides a free PhenoAge biological age calculator below. To use it, all you need are some biometrics from standard blood tests, available via your physician or local lab. If you don't already have the required biometrics, you may use the Thrivous Clock service to collect them.

Thrivous recommends collecting biometrics and running a calculation on a regular basis, as often as once every six months. A single calculation only gives you a snapshot in time. Regular calculations can help you get a sense for the rate at which your biological age is changing. And they may also help you assess the efficacy of any changes that you make to your lifestyle.

Considerable scientific evidence combines to characterize lifestyles that promote healthy longevity. In general terms, those lifestyles include regular exercise, adequate sleep, stress management, and loving relationships. Proper nutrition, which dietary supplements can enhance, is also an essential characteristic. Thrivous recommends that you remain in consultation with your physician as you make lifestyle changes.

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Use the form below to calculate an estimated biological age for a person with specified biometrics. All of the fields are required. After completing the form, click the "Calculate" button. Thrivous will run the PhenoAge calculation and return results immediately.

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