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How Dorothée and Lincoln Cannon Aged Backwards

Updated 9 August 2023
Lincoln Cannon

Aging Clock

In 2016, when Dorothée and I founded Thrivous, our focus was on cognitive enhancement. For years, I had been analyzing the science of nootropics, experimenting, and applying what I had learned. Dorothée noticed my friends regularly asking me about nootropics. And one day, pointing at all my supplement bottles, she commented that we should start a nootropic business.

Over the next couple years, we developed and brought to market four excellent nootropic supplements. Clarity was first, designed to enhance memory and focus. It was followed by Serenity and Surge, respectively for sleep and energy. And finally, we launched Alpha, designed to enhance brain and nerve function for healthy aging.

Alpha is an excellent nootropic, packed with science-backed nutrients for the brain. But it’s also more than that. It's also a geroprotector, a supplement designed to promote healthy longevity — particularly for brain function. With Alpha on the market, we recognized that it would make sense for Thrivous to offer complementary geroprotectors.

So, in 2018, we began development of three additional geroprotectors. Omega is designed to enhance heart function and circulation. Tenacity is designed to enhance joint and bone function. And Vitality is designed to enhance metabolic and cellular function for better aging.

By 2019, Thrivous had the full line of geroprotectors on the market. And Dorothée and I began taking them nearly every day — often more than once per day. After all, we designed them as much for ourselves as for anyone else. And, although we couldn’t “feel” it right away, that’s when the magic began.

Fast forward to 2023. Dorothée and I have been using Thrivous geroprotectors consistently for four years. I take two servings of each geroprotector with lunch, and sometimes another two servings with dinner. Dorothée does about the same. We also both started intermittent fasting in 2021, so we generally don’t eat breakfast.

Measuring Our Biological Age

A few months ago, Dorothée and I both used Thrivous Clock to measure our biological age. Biological age is different from chronological age. The latter is just how old you are as measured by the number of times you’ve flown around the sun. Biological age is a measure of how the health of your body compares to that which is typical of other humans of a given age.

So, for example, if you’re particularly healthy, your biological age might be lower than your chronological age. And, conversely, if you’re unhealthy, your biological age might be higher. Various factors influence your biological age. Notably, there are several factors over which we have significant control, such as exercise, sleep, and diet.

Thrivous Clock requires a simple blood test, which provides biometrics required for a PhenoAge calculation. PhenoAge is the most cost-effective open source science for calculating biological age. It’s based on the research of scientists such as Morgan Levine.

One of the useful things about the PhenoAge calculation is that it’s fairly easy to apply retrospectively. In other words, if you’ve collected biometrics from bloodwork over the years, you can go back and see whether you have the inputs needed for PhenoAge. And, if you do, you can calculate changes to your biological age historically.

While waiting for our Thrivous Clock results, that’s what Dorothée and I did. We plugged our old biometrics into the free PhenoAge calculator on the Thrivous website. Then we put the results into a spreadsheet and graphed them over time, up to the year 2019.

Lincoln Cannon Biological Age 2019

Dorothee Cannon Biological Age 2019

As it turns out, Dorothée had been aging better than I had. In 2019, her biological age was tracking about seven years younger than her chronological age. And my biological age was just about normal for my chronological age. She kind of lovingly bugged me about that.

Then I got my Thrivous Clock results. Boom!

Lincoln Cannon Biological Age 2023

I was excited to see, after graphing my 2021 and 2023 test results, that my biological age had decreased by seven years since 2019! It confirmed, in a quantified way, my sense of improving well-being. And it gave me ammunition for revenge-heckling Dorothée.

But, alas, that wasn’t to be. Dorothée also got her Thrivous Clock results. Double-boom!

Dorothee Cannon Biological Age 2023

After graphing her 2021 and 2022 test results, I saw that Dorothée’s biological age had decreased by nine years -- even more than mine! And she was sitting pretty, about sixteen years younger than her chronological age. Looking at her, I should have already known that would be the case. But I like numbers.

In a span of four years, both Dorothée and I had decreased our biological age substantially, by seven and nine years respectively. We’re now both around 50 years old, chronologically. But, subjectively, we feel at least as good as we felt a decade ago. And I certainly think Dorothée looks just as good -- yeah, I'm scoring some points here.

Our Lifestyle Changes

Over the four years, since 2019, we didn’t make any changes to exercise patterns. For as long as we’ve been married (26 years!), we’ve both exercised regularly. Currently, Dorothée hikes in the Utah mountains almost every day. I enjoy weight training, fairly high intensity, four days per week.

We didn’t make any changes to our sleep patterns since 2019. In my case, that’s great. I’ve always slept well. Dorothée, however, has wrestled off and on with sleep challenges.

Socially, we did experience more stress than usual in 2020, due to the pandemic. That can have negative consequences for health. And I’ve wondered how much better our test results might have been without such prolonged social stress.

The only area where we made significant positive changes was diet. As I mentioned previously, we started consistent use of Thrivous geroprotectors in 2019. And we added intermittent fasting in 2021.

Meal norms also adjusted slightly over the four years. For example, I now eat more nuts and fiber than before. And we’ve both tried to increase protein intake, often through supplementation. But we still occasionally eat our favorite snacks or desserts.

Why Thrivous Works

Abundant research shows that the ingredients in Thrivous geroprotectors can provide significant health benefits. In fact, each nutrient and each dose is backed by multiple human studies, prominently shared on our website. But that can seem esoteric and distant until you experience the benefits for yourself.

And, even then, when feeling and functioning better, we can wonder if it’s just our imagination. At least, that’s how it sometimes works for me. Like I said, I like numbers.

So my Thrivous Clock results were reassuring. And, even more so, Dorothée’s similar results were reassuring. We’ve invested, and continue to invest, a large amount of our time and resources into Thrivous. And it works for us!

Of course, we’re just two people. What works for us might not work for you. And, due to human diversity, it certainly won’t work for everyone. But it does work for many people.

We've now begun analyzing anonymized Thrivous Clock results for customers who've used Thrivous geroprotectors consistently since 2019. We don't have historical biometrics for these customers. But we do know how their chronological and biological ages compare presently. And the results are exciting!

So far, everyone who has used Thrivous geroprotectors since 2019, and for whom we have Thrivous Clock results, has a biological age that is significantly lower than their chronological age. There are no exceptions. All are biologically younger than their birthday would suggest. And, on average, these Thrivous customers are younger by over ten years (10.21 average and 7.87 median)!

There’s a fairly dependable reason why Thrivous geroprotectors would work for Dorothée and me and other Thrivous customers. That reason is science. Researchers have tested, observed, and recorded the results of numerous supplement ingredients for many people. Thrivous formulas include only the most effective ingredients at the same doses that were used in such studies.

Will Thrivous work for you? Probably. Not certainly, and not necessarily in exactly the same way. But Thrivous probably will work for you — because, probably, you’re a human who is sufficiently similar to many others for whom the particular component and combination ingredients have worked in multiple studies.

How to Use Thrivous

If you haven’t already started, I hope you’ll give Thrivous a try. And I have some recommendations for how best to do that.

  1. First, order Thrivous Clock. Let us help you measure you biological age now. The sooner, the better. Then we can refer back to it later to identify changes and trends.
  2. Second, start supplementing with the full Thrivous Stack at a low dosage for a few months. If you’re a young adult (best time to start) or middle-aged, you can probably start with a single serving per day. If you’re a senior, you might want to start with a half serving per day.
  3. Third, if all is well (no allergies or other intolerances), increase your dosage of Thrivous Stack to one serving with each meal for one year. This applies only to the four geroprotectors: Alpha, Omega, Tenacity, and Vitality. Clarity and Serenity generally only require one serving each per day, with your first meal and before bed, respectively.
  4. Fourth, order Thrivous Clock again. Let’s see how things are going. Hopefully we’ll see that your biological age is at least slowing. Maybe we’ll see that it has started going down.
  5. Fifth, increase your Thrivous Stack dosage to three or four servings of the geroprotectors each day. If you eat three meals, you could have one serving with each meal. If you only eat two meals, it’s generally fine to take two servings of the geroprotectors at the same time. So you could take two servings with lunch and another two with dinner, as I often do.

Finally, keep using Thrivous Clock to measure your biological age at regular intervals while continuing to supplement with Thrivous Stack. You might consider intermittent fasting. And consider improvements to your sleep and exercise habits. Also, of course, please keep your doctor in the loop as you make lifestyle changes.

One more thing. If you're already following these steps, or decide to start, please tell us about your results! We love to hear from our customers. 

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