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This Supplement Enhances Exercise Recovery

14 August 2023
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Scientists use different methods to study how nutrition affects the body during exercise. They look at things like metabolites and proteins. One type of metabolite called oxylipins play an important role in how nutrition and exercise work together. These oxylipins can either help with important processes in the body or cause problems like inflammation and disease.

Researchers have found that these oxylipins are connected to how our muscles react to exercise, including inflammation and stress. They did studies where people ate blueberries and saw that it helped reduce inflammation caused by exercise. Blueberries seem to have positive effects on these oxylipins.

Recently, researchers wanted to see if blueberries can also help regular people who aren't athletes. They wanted to see if eating blueberries before and after exercise can reduce muscle soreness and damage. So they performed a study and published their results:

Blueberry intake elevates post-exercise anti-inflammatory oxylipins: a randomized trial

Study Design

The researchers gathered a group of 51 participants and asked them to perform exercise that involves movements like going down stairs or running downhill. This kind of exercise can cause a lot of muscle damage, especially in people who don't exercise much. This damage makes the muscles hurt and causes inflammation.

The researchers gave participants either blueberries or a fake treatment (placebo) before and after exercise. Participants had similar characteristics like age, weight, and height. The number of men and women in each group was also similar.

Study Results

The study found that men and women in the groups had similar responses to the exercise and the blueberries. So the researchers combined the results for both men and women.

Blueberries did not have a significant impact on exercise performance or the levels of muscle soreness and damage experienced after intense exercise. However, blueberries led to decreased levels of pro-inflammatory oxylipins, while increasing levels of anti-inflammatory oxylipins. The anti-inflammatory oxylipins are known for their role in promoting inflammation resolution and tissue repair.

In summary, the study highlights the potential benefits of blueberry consumption in modulating the body's response to exercise-induced stress. Although this doesn't appear to affect exercise performance directly, it may enhance exercise recovery and improve the long term benefits of consistent exercise.

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