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This Supplement Enhances Bone Strength

24 August 2023
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As we age, our bones can become weaker and more easily breakable, especially in the spine, hip, and wrist. This is particularly true for women as they reach menopause. Their bodies produce less estrogen, which may accelerate bone loss.

Blueberries are fruits rich in polyphenols such as anthocyanin, which can help bones. Studies on animals show that blueberries, even in small amounts, can prevent bone loss, improve bone strength, and encourage bone formation. These benefits might be linked to chemicals created when our bodies break down polyphenols in blueberries.

Researchers wanted to see if these benefits could apply to people too. After testing blueberry effects on rats, they decided to test lower doses on women to see if it would help them achieve better aging. The results of their study were published recently:

Moderate consumption of freeze-dried blueberry powder increased net bone calcium retention compared with no treatment in healthy postmenopausal women: a randomized crossover trial

Study Design

The study consisted of two parts. The first was with rats. The second was with humans.

For the first part, researchers used female rats without ovaries. They gave the rats diets with different dosages of blueberry. Then they watched how this affected the calcium in the rats' bones and urine.

For the second part, researchers worked with postmenopausal women. They picked 35 women who were healthy. These women ate different dosages of blueberry for several weeks. Researchers checked the women's bones and urine to see how the blueberries were affecting them.

Finally, the researchers looked at the data from both the rat and human studies. And they calculated changes in bone health. As part of the calculation, they accounted for factors like bone density, which is how strong bones are.

Study Results

In the rat study, researchers observed that low and moderate dosages of blueberry increased the amount of calcium retained in bones, making bones healthier. However, the highest dosages of blueberry did not have the same positive effect on bone health.

In the human study, researchers found that the low and moderate dosages of blueberry improved bone health by increasing the amount of calcium retained in the bones. Interestingly, the high dosage of blueberry did not have the same positive impact on bone health. Some other markers related to bone health, like RANKL (a bone resorption marker) and P1NP (a bone formation marker) were also affected by the blueberry dosages.

The results suggest that consuming low to moderate dosages of blueberry may have a positive effect on bone health, but high doses might not provide additional benefits. The study also hinted at a possible interaction between the gut microbiota and the effects of blueberry on bones, which could explain the different responses to different dosages.

The dosages used in the study were 17.5 grams per day (low), 35 grams per day (medium), and 70 grams per day (high). The amount of anthocyanin in blueberries varies. However, these dosages may approximate dosages of anthocyanin at 86 mg per day (low), 172 mg per day (medium), and 344 mg per day (high).

Thrivous Vitality

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