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This Supplement Protects the Body from Exercise Damage

4 September 2023
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Running for Exercise

Exercise is good for our health and can help us live longer and better. However, too much exercise, or a lack of physical activity, can create harmful substances called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in our bodies. ROS can damage our cells.

Exercise can both increase and decrease ROS, depending on its intensity and type. And Vitamin D might help the body's defense against ROS. A new study tried to figure out if Vitamin D supplements can improve the body's ability to fight ROS after intense aerobic exercise.

The effect of short-term vitamin D on the antioxidant capacity following exhaustive aerobic exercise

Study Design

In this study, researchers aimed to determine the effects of Vitamin D supplements on non-athlete men aged 20 to 30 years, following exhaustive aerobic exercise. They received approval from an ethics committee and registered the trial with their local regulatory authority. Written consent was obtained from all participants.

Researchers initially invited 48 individuals to participate through social media platforms, ultimately selecting 26 subjects who met specific criteria. Criteria included having Vitamin D deficiency, being disease-free, engaging in regular physical activity, and not using supplements or smoking.

Participants were divided randomly into two groups. The experimental group received Vitamin D supplements. And the control group receiving a placebo. Both groups performed exhaustive aerobic exercise on a treadmill, with measurements taken before and after six weeks of intervention.

Blood samples were collected to assess enzyme activity related to oxidative stress. Statistical analysis was conducted to evaluate the impact of Vitamin D supplements on these measures.

Study Results

The study found that after doing intense aerobic exercise, both the group taking Vitamin D supplements and the control group showed an increase in antioxidant capacity, which helps protect the body from harmful substances. Compared to the placebo group, the Vitamin D group had a larger increase in some antioxidant enzymes after six weeks.

This suggests that short-term use of Vitamin D supplements can reduce oxidative stress caused by exercise, making it a good option for non-athletes to improve their antioxidant defenses. In simple terms, taking Vitamin D supplements may help protect the body from the negative effects of intense exercise.

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