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Low Doses of This Supplement Improve Jump Performance

12 September 2023
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Enhance Jump Performance

Caffeine is a substance that many athletes use to boost their performance in sports. Some studies suggest that taking a small amount of caffeine can help. But it's not clear how much is best. Taking too much caffeine can have side effects like a fast heartbeat and trouble sleeping.

A new study wanted to find out how different amounts of caffeine affect how high athletes can jump. They tested very low, medium, and high doses of caffeine on athletes' jumping ability. They thought that more caffeine would mean higher jumps.

Ergogenic Effects of Very Low to Moderate Doses of Caffeine on Vertical Jump Performance

Study Design

The study involved 32 male college-level track-and-field athletes. Most of the participants were subelite athletes. The study aimed to find out how caffeine consumption impacted their sports performance.

The athletes were asked to abstain from consuming caffeine or alcohol from the day before the experimental trials. The research also gathered data on their caffeine intake, if they were habitual consumers. The criteria excluded athletes with any medical conditions, injuries, or smoking habits.

The study followed a double-blind, randomized design. The athletes visited the lab a total of five times: one familiarization session, and four experimental trials. They primarily performed vertical jumps after consuming a placebo or caffeine doses of varying quantities.

The trials were performed under controlled conditions. And the participants were also observed for side effects immediately afterward and 24 hours later.

The data collected were analyzed using various techniques. The blood samples were tested to assess the plasma caffeine concentration. The performance of the athletes was measured in terms of jump height, peak force, and rate of force development. They also calculated the eccentric utilization ratio for a better understanding of performance in each jumping technique.

Study Results

Study results showed that low to moderate doses (1mg/kg) of caffeine increased jump performance. But no significant differences were found among the different caffeine doses.

This suggests that high doses (3-6 mg/kg) of caffeine do not further improve jump performance. While high doses have been shown to improve performance in various sports, such dosages may exceed the daily recommended intake for many athletes. Lower doses are safer, and may be more favorable for performance.

The study concludes that a low dose of caffeine can be used to improve vertical jump performance, providing a safe and more generally applicable performance boost.

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