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This Supplement Enhances Healthy Cholesterol

3 August 2023
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In the quest for a healthier heart, there's a simple addition to your daily routine that could make a significant difference. Enter garlic supplements, a natural avenue towards boosting cardiovascular well-being that's both grounded in tradition and supported by modern research. In this article, we present a recent study that sheds light on the heart-nourishing benefits of garlic, notably for those who are already healthy:

Effect of Black Garlic Consumption on Endothelial Function and Lipid Profile: A Before-and-After Study in Hypercholesterolemic and Non-Hypercholesterolemic Subjects

Study Design

This study looked at the effects of garlic on people's health. The trial had two groups: one group of people with high cholesterol and another group of healthy people.

The study lasted for 12 weeks. The participants went to the lab at the beginning and end of the trial. They had blood tests, blood pressure measurements, and answered questions about their diet and activity levels. The participants took garlic every day during the trial.

The researchers analyzed different things in the participants' blood, like cholesterol levels and substances related to how blood vessels work. They also checked safety parameters like blood counts and thyroid hormones. They used a special scale to measure body composition. The data collected from the study were analyzed using statistical methods.

Study Results

The study found that garlic made good cholesterol (HDL) go up in healthy people. This is great because high levels of HDL are good for our hearts and can help protect us.

When the researchers looked at a measure of heart risk, it improved in the healthy group after taking garlic. This means that the healthy group had a lower chance of having heart issues.

Both the healthy group and the group with high cholesterol saw improvements in the health of their blood vessels after taking garlic. Healthy blood vessels are important for a strong and healthy heart.

Surprisingly, garlic didn't change blood pressure in either group. This is interesting because other studies have suggested that garlic can lower blood pressure.

In summary, the study shows that garlic may enhance heart function by improving good cholesterol and the health of blood vessels. Overall, the results are a promising contribution to ongoing research.

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