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3 Supplements for a Robust Body and Mind

20 September 2019
Connie Packer

Happy Determination

I've been thinking about the fragility of health and the attention it takes to maintain musculoskeletal function and psychosocial wellbeing. Perhaps the changes in plants, starting to go dormant, inspired these thoughts. We've passed the heat of summer. So it's easier to go outside, not only to move our bodies, but to breathe crisp fresh air, produce vitamin D, and clear our minds. I hope you're thriving this fall.

Omega 3 may enhance emotion regulation. Influence of adjuvant omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids on depression, sleep, and emotion regulation among outpatients with major depressive disorders - Results from a double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled clinical trial. Fifty adults undergoing treatment for depression were given a placebo or 1g omega 3 supplement daily for 12 weeks. While both groups saw improvement while receiving treatment, the group receiving the omega 3 supplement experienced greater improvement in symptoms of depression, sleep, anxiety sensitivity, intolerance of uncertainty, and emotion regulation. The researchers suspect that omega 3 fats may influence neuronal changes associated with improved mood, sleep, and emotion regulation.

Caffeine may enhance physical performance. Caffeine and Sprint Cycling Performance: Effects of Torque Factor and Sprint Duration. Thirteen recreationally active men, ages 18-22, completed 9 trials of a maximal cycling sprint at optimal torque. The length of time and torque factor varied by trial. The optimal torque was determined individually. Participants were given a placebo or 5 mg/kg body weight of caffeine 45 minutes before the test trial. At each athlete’s optimal torque, they were able to produce a higher peak power output after caffeine supplementation. The researchers stated that the benefits of caffeine appeared to be due to improvements in muscular force during the downstroke of each crank cycle, and most likely from a central nervous system stimulated increase in the contribution from the knee extensor muscles.

Magnesium may influence vitamin D status. Magnesium status and supplementation influence vitamin D status and metabolism: results from a randomized trial. Many people have been shown to have suboptimal vitamin D levels. Vitamin D acts on many different types of cells in the body and has been shown to be involved in bone density, heart disease, and mental health: that’s bone, muscle, and neurons. Several enzymes related to vitamin D activity contain magnesium. This study looked at the influence of magnesium supplementation on vitamin D status.  250 participants were given a placebo or a personalized amount of magnesium to provide a calcium-to-magnesium ratio of 2.3 for 12 weeks -- the mean daily dose of personalized magnesium supplementation was 205.52 mg, with a range from 77.25 to 389.55 mg. When the precursor form of vitamin D (25(OH)D) levels were higher, the magnesium supplementation reduced the amount of some active forms of vitamin D, 25(OH)D3 and 24,25(OH)2D. When the precursor level was lower, the magnesium supplementation increased the active form, 25(OH)D3.  With increasing levels of the precursor form and magnesium supplementation, another active form, 25(OH)D2, also increased. The researchers concluded that optimal magnesium status may be important for optimizing vitamin D status.


Thrivous Omega provides Omega 3, in combination with Garlic and French Maritime Pine Bark Extract. In addition to supporting emotional well-being, Omega targets enhancement of heart and circulation function. Thrivous Surge provides Caffeine with L Theanine and Ginseng, to enhance focus along with energy, for greater overall productivity. And Thrivous Serenity provides Magnesium Glycinate, along with L Theanine and Melatonin, to enhance relaxation and sleep while facilitating other benefits, such as Vitamin D optimization.

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