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How Nootropics May Help Improve the Work Lawyers Do

Updated 9 October 2020
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If you feel chained to a desk, you’re not alone. The World Health Organization notes that 60 to 85 percent of people in the world are living a sedentary lifestyle. Lawyers, especially, find that the lifestyle that comes along with working in the legal profession can be one that leaves them feeling drained, tired and listless.

Put down that second — or fifth — cup of coffee, though. Nootropics can offer lawyers a safe, effective way to combat the challenges of their career. Discover how Nootropics may even help improve the work lawyers do.

The Challenges in a Lawyer’s Life

A common belief is that lawyers, especially partners in a law firm, enjoy a lucrative career that allows them to live a lifestyle of riches and comfort. That belief, though, doesn’t include the countless hours of studying, preparation and hard work that goes into developing and achieving that career.

Long Hours in a Sedentary Position

A quick look at any personal blog from lawyers across a variety of specialties shows individuals who wake up early on few hours of sleep. They spend their days fighting other people’s fires. And they sit on the subway, car, or train to get to an office where they sit all day at their desk, answering emails and taking phone calls. When they go back home, these dedicated professionals check more emails.

One attorney wrote that he would love to get to the gym. But he is only able to the rare, non-busy day.

Common Health and Mental Issues

When not at the office, lawyers might spend hours sitting in court, waiting for their case to be called or flying to meetings. While the stereotypical lawyer’s salary is one that many individuals envy, the work requirements and lifestyle are far from ideal for a lawyer’s health. And physical and mental health issues are on the rise.

  • Lawyers often have poor nutrition, eating their breakfast and dinner on the go and their take-out lunch at their desks. There’s no time to properly digest or enjoy their meals.
  • Lawyers have limited physical activity during the day. As much as they value fitness and physical wellness, the demands of their clients, their employers and their careers often take the front seat, pushing their physical health to the side.
  • Lawyers are usually pulled in many different directions, including answering e-mails and reviewing documents while on client calls. There are only so many hours in a day, so multitasking and hourly re-prioritizing become the norm. The problem with this behavior is that an attorney’s attention span is affected, as well as his or her memory and focus.
  • Lawyers often work long, unpredictable hours on little sleep. The hours they do sleep are often broken into smaller chunks and interrupted by work.

However, despite the drawbacks, there is a solution that can give lawyers a significant advantage when facing their day.

Nootropics and Lawyers: A Perfect Match

This newer class of supplements was named in 1972, based on the Greek word for "mind" followed by the word for "bend" or "turn." Known as smart drugs, nootropics are supplements designed to improve the way consumers feel and think while helping to improve their lives.

Boost Cognitive Performance

Specific formulations provide benefits for everything from long-term brain health to daily productivity. Some of the most common nootropics are made with natural ingredients.

For example, Ashwagandha is an herb that some lawyers use to relieve social stress. And some use Fish Oil to support mood and general brain function.

Improve Clarity

Thrivous Clarity, the first nootropic from Thrivous, is an ideal supplement for lawyers. The vegan ingredients have been tested in peer-reviewed, double-blind studies.

Clarity improves focus, memory, and mood, in both short- and long-term brain function studies. The active components are powerful individually. Combined, they give an even greater effect.

  • Over two to three months of regular use, Bacopa has been shown to improve memory.
  • L-Theanine, an amino acid, is an ideal supplement for relaxation.
  • Rhodiola and Zinc have been shown to improve the user’s mood, with Rhodiola bringing an added benefit of increased focus.

Energy, Focus and Better Sleeping Habits

Some Nootropics, like Thrivous Serenity, are formulated to help the user sleep well and wake up focused and calm. And others, like Thrivous Surge, help the user gain a quick boost of energy and focus while enhancing memory and attention.

For a lawyer who is always on the go, a nootropic supplement added to a lawyer’s busy lifestyle can be the ideal balance for the problems that can keep lawyers from achieving their full potential, peace, and joy that their job can bring.

Nootropics make the most of the added benefits of many of the common herbs, vitamins, and minerals available in the United States. Nootropics naturally attack the problem, head-on, giving the consumer a healthy, effective way to improve their life and add value and meaning to a lawyer’s life.

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