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Take Magnesium and Don’t Fear the Dentist

9 January 2021
Giulio Prisco


This is good news for all those who fear pain after dental surgery. Orally administered magnesium seems to significantly reduce postoperative pain. The results of this trial show a statistically significant pain level reduction and greater mouth opening ability for the participants who received magnesium preparations, compared to placebos.

New Study: Effect of orally administered magnesium on postoperative pain level and trismus after surgical removal of the lower third molars: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

This trial was registered at as NCT03398382. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial evaluated the effect of orally administered magnesium on postoperative pain and trismus after surgical removal of the lower third molars.

The results of the study indicate that orally administered magnesium (either lozenges or tablets) before and after a lower third molar surgical removal significantly reduces pain intensity and the degree of trismus in the postoperative period.

Alpha Lipoic Acid May Promote Weight Loss

New Study: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Long-Term (R)-alpha-Lipoic Acid Supplementation Promotes Weight Loss in Overweight or Obese Adults without Altering Baseline Elevated Plasma Triglyceride Concentrations

This trial was registered at as NCT00765310. α-Lipoic acid (LA) is a dietary supplement for maintaining energy balance.

The conclusions of the trial indicate that long-term LA supplementation results in body mass index (BMI) loss, greater antioxidant enzyme synthesis, and less potential for inflammation in overweight adults. Improved cellular bioenergetics is also evident in some individuals given (R)-α-lipoic acid (R-LA).

Caffeine and Theanine May Improve Performance

New Study: Effects of acute caffeine, theanine and tyrosine supplementation on mental and physical performance in athletes

This trial was registered at as NCT03019523. The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether the acute ingestion of a supplement containing caffeine, theanine, and tyrosine improves mental and physical performance in athletes.

The results of the investigation indicate that a combination of a low-dose of caffeine with theanine and tyrosine may improve athletes' movement accuracy surrounding bouts of exhaustive exercise without altering subjective variables. Based on this finding, supplementation with caffeine, theanine, and tyrosine could potentially hold ergogenic value for athletes in sports requiring rapid and accurate movements.

Turmeric and Boswellia May Support Joint Comfort

New Study: Efficacy of high-dissolution turmeric-sesame formulation for pain relief in adult subjects with acute musculoskeletal pain compared to acetaminophen: A randomized controlled study

Management of joint comfort with plant-based nutrients has remained suboptimal due to an absence of data supporting acute relief of pain.

In this study, it was hypothesized that high-dissolution liquid treatment of black sesame extract oil, Curcuma longa, and Boswellia serrata may provide pain relief in people with acute musculoskeletal pain.

The results of the study show that the treatment may act as a natural, fast acting, and safe alternative to promote joint comfort, comparable to acetaminophen. And results indicate that the treatment may act as quickly as acetaminophen (paracetamol), which is one of the most commonly used over-the-counter drugs.

Thrivous Supplements

Thrivous develops supplements that incorporate Magnesium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Caffeine, L Theanine, Turmeric, and Boswellia:

  • Serenity Nightly Nootropic provides a clinical dose of Magnesium Glycinate and L Theanine, along with Melatonin, to enhance relaxation and sleep.
  • Alpha Neuroprotector provides a clinical dose of R Alpha Lipoic Acid with complementary nutrients to support healthy brain and nerve function.
  • Surge Acute Nootropic provides clinical doses of Caffeine and L Theanine to enhance energy and focus.
  • Tenacity Arthroprotector provides clinical doses of Turmeric and Boswellia, among other ingredients, to support healthy joint and bone function.

These and other Thrivous supplements are available to purchase online through the Thrivous website.

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