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This Supplement Enhances Focus and Mood

30 October 2023
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Zinc is a mineral that does important things in our body, like helping with genes, brain function, and insulin. It's also linked to how our brain cells communicate. To keep our body in balance, our body has ways to control the amount of zinc.

When there's not enough zinc, it can cause problems like obesity, heart disease, and trouble thinking. Some studies found that people who are overweight don't have enough zinc. And taking zinc might help them lose weight. Zinc also helps with things like hormones and how our body uses fat.

Lack of zinc in overweight people can make them more prone to inflammation and problems in the brain, which can affect their thinking. Obesity is a risk for memory problems too.

Some research found that being overweight and having a big waist are linked to memory problems in older people. Taking zinc also improved memory in animals and people, and reduced inflammation.

Researchers designed a new study to check if giving zinc to middle-aged women who are overweight can enhance their cognitive parameters.

Effects of Zinc Supplementation on Inflammatory and Cognitive Parameters in Middle-Aged Women with Overweight or Obesity

Study Design

Researchers divided 42 volunteers randomly into two groups. One group received placebo capsules (no active ingredient), and the other group received zinc capsules for 12 weeks. The study excluded people with certain health conditions and those taking specific medications or supplements.

The participants received instructions and kits to help with data collection, including saliva samples, cognitive tests, and food diaries. The study took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, so they had to do a lot of this online.

After 12 weeks, they repeated the tests and collected more data. Researchers also analyzed the participants' saliva for various markers, including zinc levels.

The zinc supplements were prepared in a way that neither the participants nor the researchers knew who got the real zinc and who got the placebo until the end of the study. The cognitive tests included assessments of memory, attention, and other brain functions.

The data was analyzed using statistical methods to see if there were any significant differences between the zinc group and the placebo group in terms of their cognitive function and other health markers.

Study Results

The results of the study revealed several interesting findings. Firstly, the difference in body weight between the group that took zinc supplements and the placebo group was not significant enough to draw strong conclusions about the effect of zinc on weight loss. While the zinc group did experience a slight reduction in body weight, the overall impact was relatively minor.

However, when it came to cognitive function, the participants who took zinc supplements showed some promising results. They performed better on certain cognitive tests, including the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and the Stroop test. The zinc group also had better scores on a mood test. This suggests that zinc supplementation might have a positive influence on cognitive parameters.

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