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This Supplement Enhances Taekwondo Performance

27 October 2023
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Caffeine is a performance enhancer in sports. It can benefit strength, endurance, and anaerobic power. However, responses to caffeine vary due to factors like sex and training status. And more research is needed in combat sports like taekwondo, to understand how caffeine affects different groups of athletes.

A new study describes how sex and competitive level affect performance changes with caffeine in taekwondo. Researchers hypothesized that male athletes would respond more favorably to caffeine, and elite athletes would gain a greater advantage from caffeine supplementation.

Acute effects of caffeine supplementation on taekwondo performance: the influence of competition level and sex

Study Design

The study included 52 taekwondo athletes, both male and female. Researchers divided the athletes into elite (international level) and sub-elite (regional and national level) groups. The athletes were experienced in taekwondo and were not injured or restricted in any way during the study.

The study had three conditions for the athletes:

  1. Control with no treatment
  2. Caffeine ingestion
  3. Placebo substance without caffeine

The athletes didn't know which condition they were in. And they were tested in each condition after a standardized warm-up.

The tests involved taekwondo-specific agility, speed of kick, and ratings of perceived exertion. The study was double-blinded, meaning both the athletes and the researchers didn't know which condition the athletes were in to avoid bias.

The results were analyzed using statistical tests. The researchers wanted to see how caffeine affected the athletes' performance, and whether there were differences between elite and sub-elite athletes. They also wanted to see whethere there were differences between male and female athletes.

Study Results

Researchers found that caffeine had a positive effect on both agility and kicking performance in young taekwondo athletes. Notably, the benefits of caffeine appeared to be influenced by both the athlete's sex and competitive level.

In terms of sex, the study showed that males generally outperformed females in all conditions (no treatment, caffeine, and placebo) when it came to agility and kicking performance. This was consistent across elite and sub-elite athletes. The results indicated that caffeine had a greater impact on males, resulting in superior performance compared to their female counterparts. These differences were attributed to the varying rates of caffeine metabolism between males and females, hormonal influences, and potential interactions with adenosine receptors.

When considering the competitive level, the study demonstrated that elite athletes, both male and female, experienced greater benefits from caffeine intake compared to sub-elite athletes. The magnitude of performance improvement following caffeine ingestion was more pronounced among elite female athletes than sub-elite females, especially in agility and kicking tests. Elite male athletes also showed substantial improvements when compared to sub-elite males. These findings suggest that caffeine's impact on performance is influenced not only by the athlete's sex but also by their competitive level.

Additionally, the study found that caffeine led to reduced rating of perceived exertion in elite male athletes when compared to control and placebo conditions. This reduction indicated that caffeine intake helped elite male athletes feel less fatigued during exercise.

In conclusion, the study highlights the potential benefits of caffeine for taekwondo athletes. The impact of caffeine on performance appears to be dependent on sex, with males generally experiencing greater improvements. Competitive level also plays a role, with elite athletes benefiting more from caffeine intake. These findings provide valuable insights for athletes and coaches in optimizing training strategies in taekwondo, taking into account the influence of caffeine, sex, and competitive level.

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