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This Supplement Enhances Exercise Energy

16 October 2023
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Fatigue is when you feel really tired and can't keep up your strength. It can happen because of brain or muscle demands and is related to neurological issues. There are two types of fatigue:

  1. Central fatigue is from too much physical load and stress
  2. Peripheral fatigue is from chemicals building up in your body during exercise

Fatigue affects more than half of people and can reduce their quality of life. But it's also a way your body protects itself.

When you exercise, your body uses a lot of energy. And, if it can't keep up, it breaks down chemicals to get more energy. But if too many of these chemicals build up, you get tired and perform worse.

One way to deal with fatigue is through diet and supplements. Certain vitamins, like the B vitamins, are really important for how your body makes and uses energy. If you don't get enough of these vitamins, it can cause problems.

In a new study, researchers wanted to see if taking a vitamin B complex supplement can help improve exercise performance and reduce fatigue. Their hypothesis was that these vitamins would help people use energy more efficiently. But apparently no one had studied this in relation to exercise before.

A functional evaluation of anti-fatigue and exercise performance improvement following vitamin B complex supplementation in healthy humans, a randomized double-blind trial

Study Design

Researchers had 32 healthy adults (16 men and 16 women), aged 20-30, participate in the study. They made sure these participants didn't smoke, have heart problems, high blood pressure, high BMI, metabolic issues, asthma, or sports injuries. They got the participants' consent, and made sure they kept their regular diets during the experiment without taking other supplements or alcohol.

The study lasted 28 days, with a 14-day break between two cycles. In one cycle, participants took either vitamin B complex or a placebo. Then they switched for the second cycle. The participants didn't do any exercise training during this time.

Researchers measured the participants' body composition, blood tests, and exercise capacity before and after each cycle of taking the supplement. They also had the participants record their diets to make sure it didn't affect the results.

They tested the participants' endurance by having them run on a treadmill until they were exhausted. They measured their oxygen uptake and heart rate during this test.

They also tested for fatigue indicators by having participants run at 60% of their maximum oxygen uptake for 30 minutes. They collected blood samples before, during, and after the exercise to check for indicators like lactate, ammonia, glucose, and creatine kinase.

Additionally, they measured the participants' body composition using a bioelectrical impedance analyzer. Finally, they conducted clinical blood tests to check for various health indicators.

Study Results

Researchers found several positive outcomes for non-athletes who took the vitamin B complex supplement for 28 consecutive days. First and foremost, participants experienced a significant enhancement in their exercise endurance performance. They could exercise for a longer duration before experiencing fatigue, with the improvement being approximately 1.26-fold compared to their baseline measurements and the placebo group.

Another important finding was the reduction in fatigue-related metabolites during exercise. Lactate and blood ammonia, which are associated with muscle fatigue, were lower in participants taking the supplement. This suggests that the supplement helped decrease the production of these metabolites, contributing to better exercise performance.

Additionally, the study showed that the recovery of fatigue metabolites after exercise was accelerated in the supplement group during the rest period. This quicker recovery is valuable for post-exercise fatigue relief.

Importantly, the study noted that the supplement did not result in any adverse effects or health burdens for the participants. This indicates that the supplement was well-tolerated and safe.

In summary, the study's findings suggest that vitamin B complex can enhance exercise endurance, reduce fatigue-related metabolites, and facilitate faster recovery in non-athletes. These results may be of interest to individuals seeking to improve their exercise performance and overall fitness.

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