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This Supplement Enhances Strength Training Gains

9 October 2023
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Strength Training

Choline is a very important substance in our bodies. It helps with things like sending messages in our nerves, moving our muscles, and keeping our cells healthy. We can get choline from the food and supplements that we eat. Or our bodies can make some, but usually not enough.

Not having enough choline can make it harder to exercise because it's needed for our muscles to work well. It helps our muscles stay strong and handle the stress of exercise.

In a recent study, researchers wanted to find out if getting more choline than usual could make our muscles stronger when we exercise. Some studies didn't control what people ate very well. And they only looked at short-term effects. This study wanted to see what happens when people get more choline over a longer time.

The Effect of Choline and Resistance Training on Strength and Lean Mass in Older Adults

Study Design

The researchers worked with 37 people aged 50 to 69. They made sure these people were in good health and didn't have certain medical conditions. They also checked if they had done a lot of strength exercises in the past year. Women had to be postmenopausal for at least two years to join the study.

The participants were divided into three groups. But they didn't know which group they were in. Each group was given a different amount of choline each day.

The low choline group consumed approximately 51% of the recommended adequate intake (AI). The medium choline group consumed around 68% of AI. And the high choline group exceeded AI by consuming approximately 118% of AI.

The study was done following ethical rules. And all the participants agreed to be part of it. The tests and exercises happened in a lab. And the study took place over two years.

Before the main part of the study, the participants had two weeks of learning about nutrition and exercise. They were taught about healthy eating and how to use a computer program to track their food. They also learned about the benefits of regular exercise and how to do the exercises correctly.

Then, they did several tests to see how strong they were and measure things like their body composition (muscle and fat), metabolism, and blood markers. These tests were done before they started exercising and again after 12 weeks of strength training.

The strength training involved exercises for different muscle groups. And participants did this three times a week for 12 weeks. They used machines to make sure they lifted the right amount of weight for their abilities.

To keep their diets on track, the participants had to follow some dietary guidelines and keep a food diary. They also took protein supplements to make sure they got enough protein. And these supplements had different amounts of choline depending on which group they were in.

All the data from these tests were analyzed using statistical methods to see if the extra choline had any effects on the participants' strength and muscle changes.

Study Results

The participants successfully adhered to the dietary guidelines throughout the study, meeting all nutritional intake requirements. There were no significant differences in nutrient intake between the choline groups, except for cholesterol consumption.

All three groups experienced significant increases in lean mass and strength compared to their baseline measurements. There were no significant differences between the groups in terms of changes in lean or fat mass. Low choline intake was associated with reduced gains in composite strength compared to the medium and high choline groups. The medium and high choline groups exhibited similar strength training responses.

In conclusion, this study suggests that low choline intake may diminish the strength training gains in middle-aged to older individuals. However, the highest choline intake did not provide additional benefits. Therefore, maintaining an adequate choline intake appears to be more crucial than consuming high amounts.

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