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This Supplement Protects the Body from High Fat Meals

7 May 2022
Giulio Prisco

Fatty Meal

Scientists have investigated the effects of anthocyanin supplements on adverse metabolic and inflammatory responses to the consumption of a high fat meal in healthy individuals.

The scientists note that unhealthy diets, such as Western style diets high in fats and carbohydrates, can trigger several pathologies. In particular, high fat meals lead to a series of short-term events described as postprandial dysmetabolism. These events include alterations in glucose and lipid metabolism, endotoxemia, inflammation, and oxidative stress. Importantly, postprandial dysmetabolism has been associated with poor aging.

Anthocyanins are compounds that provide color to dark berries such as blueberries, grapes, purple corn, and black rice, among other fruits and vegetables. Anthocyanidins are sugar-free counterparts of anthocyanins.

In this study, the scientists investigated the effects of an anthocyanin extract on metabolic and inflammation-related parameters in healthy individuals. The participants in the study included 25 healthy volunteers, aged between 19 and 35. They consumed a high fat meal simultaneously with either the anthocyanin extract or a placebo.

The extract was a blend of 150 mg blueberry extract, 230 mg black currant extract, and 620 mg black rice extract. These amounts are suitable for both acute and long-term human consumption, and also reflect those used in some other clinical studies. Thus, the obtained results are of practical relevance when it comes to making recommendations for dietary intakes and/or the use of supplements.

Blood samples were collected from the participants in both the supplement and placebo groups. And the samples were analyzed to measure parameters related to endotoxemia, inflammation, oxidative stress, and alterations in lipid and glucose metabolism.

The scientists conclude that the results of the study provide evidence in support of the protective actions of anthocyanin extract against these metabolic alterations. They also indicate that the consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in anthocyanins can counterbalance the adverse consequences of the ingestion of unhealthy meals. The scientists are persuaded that this is a strategy with the potential for high impact on human health.

As usual in this type of study, the scientists note that further studies of the long-term and dose-dependent effects of anthocyanin consumption, and their impact on metabolic health, are needed. In particular, further dose-response studies should establish the optimal amounts to be consumed.

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