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Enhance Cognitive Aging with Thrivous Alpha

23 April 2022
Jae Haroldsen

Bright Mind

Have you ever met an older person who is sharp as a tack? I know men and women over age 75 whose mental agility is striking. Their ability to pay attention to details, recall, perceive, learn, and express themselves (often with fun-loving banter) amazes me. They are active, involved, and full of spunk.

All too often cognitive decline is associated with advancing age. However, research shows the slippery slope of mental decline starts much earlier. It begins at least as early as, if not before, middle adulthood (forty years old). Once decline starts, studies indicate it continues on a relatively continuous path.

Longitudinal studies find initial and advancing cognitive decline is not associated with diagnosed medical illnesses, nor indicated in blood work. Cross-sectional studies show cognitive decline affects a wide range of people despite their individual mental and/or physical status.

In essence, the brain covers up cognitive decline without you or your doctor noticing it until it reaches a significant point where the brain can no longer compensate. Instead of waiting and wondering how your brain will age, take action to support long-term cognitive functioning. 

Healthy living, good nutrition, proper sleep, exercise, mental engagement, social interaction, and stress reduction are cumulative. And so is the power of targeted dietary supplements to help protect the brain and nerves.

Supplements for Cognition

There are two ways supplements support and protect brain cells, neurons, and nerves to keep cognitive operations sharp. They can:

  1. Neutralize and remove toxins and inflammation generated in metabolic processes.
  2. Support healthy brain function and enhance memory by protecting brain cells.

Advancing technology continues to evolve our understanding of brain functioning, aging, and neurogenesis. Neurogenesis of adult brain cells is known to happen in two areas of the brain: the subventricular zone and the hippocampus. 

The generation of new neurons in other parts of the brain is not well understood. We do know that many brain cells last a lifetime. Supporting brain cell numbers, health, and functionality provides the best scenario for cognitive aging.

Ammonia and Cognitive Consequences

Ammonia is the natural by-product of the metabolic processes that fuel life. Ammonia is also generated by intestinal bacteria. The liver filters ammonia out of the blood to form urea, which is then passed through the kidneys and released out of the body in urine.

The body’s waste removal system must keep circulating ammonia levels very low. Even a slight rise is toxic to the central nervous system, poisoning nerves, neurons, and brain cells. Ammonia also breaks down the blood-brain barrier, allowing other miscreants to enter the brain and wreak havoc. Unfortunately, science shows ammonia levels in the brain naturally increase with age, resulting in neuropathological issues.

Every system in the body affects other systems. Supporting the liver to remove ammonia provides a foundation for healthy cognitive aging.

Inflammation Affects Cognition

Inflammation is the body’s defense to promote healing in cases of injury, toxins, or invading pathogens. But the immune system can go into overload, especially with high-sugar and high-fat diets, causing the body to experience systemic inflammation.

Because the immune system and the central nervous system are closely tied, inflammation also breaks down the blood-brain barrier. Research links systemic inflammation with neurodegenerative disorders. In addition, systemic inflammation also impairs neurogenesis.

Reducing overall inflammation through healthy habits benefits cognitive aging.

Thrivous Alpha Neuroprotector

Thrivous relies on current scientific research to target the right ingredients at beneficial dosages. Thrivous Alpha Neuroprotector contains the following ingredients to protect brain and nerve cells and support healthy cognitive aging, memory, recall, and executive functioning.

Acetyl L-Carnitine Hydrochloride (ALCAR HCl) 500 mg

Studies observe that ALCAR may:

According to the study of neurobiology, L-Carnitine supplementation may slow mental deterioration.“Dietary supplementation of ALC exerts neuroprotective, neurotrophic, antidepressive and analgesic effects in painful neuropathies.”

ALCAR’s daily dosages should be between 630 and 2,500 mg.

L-Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC) 300 mg

Studies observe that Alpha GPC may:

Recent information from Arizona State University highlights two ways Alpha GPC may provide neuroprotection.

  1. Alpha GPC converts the neurodegenerative amino acid homocysteine into methionine.
  2. Alpha GPC may keep the brain house cleaning microglia cells in check to reduce neuroinflammation.

A daily dosage of 1,200 mg of choline broken into three 400 mg doses was used in most clinical trials involving cognitive decline.

Sodium R Alpha Lipoic Acid (Na R ALA) 150 mg

Studies observe that ALA may:

ALA is both fat and water-soluble. It works throughout the body and passes the blood brain barrier. The dosage is in the 300-600 mg per day range.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) 100 mg (PS from SerinAid® 70 P 143 mg)

Studies observe that PS may:

  • replenish fatty substance that protects brain cells
  • support memory and other cognitive functions

A 2015 assessment of PS supplementation in the 300-800 mg/d range found that it “safely slows, halts, or reverses biochemical alterations and structural deterioration in nerve cells.”

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract 90 mg (24% Flavone Glycoside, 6% Terpene L-Acetone)

Studies observe that Ginkgo may:

A 20-year longitudinal population-based study found “cognitive decline in a non-demented elderly population was lower in subjects who reported using [Ginkgo] than in those who did not.” For adults experiencing mild to moderate cognitive decline, one study found Ginkgo may support general functioning, including cognitive functioning and improved mental health.

Studies indicate taking 40-120 mg three times a day.

Protect the Brain with Thrivous

Instead of viewing the aging process negatively, discover the power of intentional living. Early adulthood is the time to support healthy cognitive aging. Thrivous supplements are designed to work together and complement one another.

Emerging research points to the ability to generate new brain cells. Thrivous offers supplements with additional ingredients that help support optimal neurogenesis. These ingredients include Omega 3 in Omega, Blueberry in Vitality, and Curcumin in Tenacity.

Start your journey to healthy aging today with Thrivous supplements. You can age with grace and enhanced cognitive functioning when you live intentionally. With Thrivous Alpha, you can enjoy life to the fullest with a sharp mind. Learn new things, spill wisdom, and engage in playful conversations.

Thrivous supplements contain only the best ingredients at clinical dosages. All raw ingredients and final products are subject to rigorous testing to ensure you get safe and pure supplements.

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